The Cold Wave Comes

In a cosmically ironic twist of fate and timing, nature may be set to empirically freeze any and all anthropogenic global warming talk: a blast of Arctic cold may encase the earth in an icy grip not seen for 200 years. This is not alarmist fantasy or 2012 babble — several natural forces that are known to cause cooling are awakening simultaneously, raising speculation of a “perfect storm” of downward pressures on global temperature. These forces let loose one at a time can cause the Earth to cool and can bring about harsh winter conditions. If they all break free at once, the effects could be felt not just in the coming winter, but year-round, and for several years to come. –PJM

Three things are combining right now to make a severe cold way a real possibility.

First, the volcano eruptions in Iceland. These eruptions don’t tend to run in singles, but at least in pairs, with Kalto, the larger volcano, almost always following the smaller one. Kalto is known, from history, to cause major environmental changes. The environmental changes in question are cooling, not warming.

Second there is El Nino, which is supposed to end this year, to be replaced with a La Nina. This could coll the Earth significantly, up to a degree over the next ten years or so.

Finally, there is the sunspot cycle. We have been in a major lull of sunspot activity, and are, actually, going into a minimum, rather than a maximum period. Less sunspot activity means cooling, possibly in the one degree range, again.

If these three things come together, we are likely to see a repeat of the cold times in the early 1800’s, where the Mississippi river froze down into the South. It would be ironic if this came to pass—and I can assure you it would be blamed on global climate change caused by humans.

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  1. “nature may be set to empir­i­cally freeze any and all anthro­pogenic global warm­ing talk: a blast of Arc­tic cold may encase the earth in an icy grip not seen for 200 years.”

    All of the reasons for global freezing you list on this blog are incorrect. It is all caused by human activity. There was a movie a few years ago about global warming which won Academy Awards and a Nobel Prize, so it must be true. No matter how you try to distract us, we know it is always humans humans humans. So there.

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