Sin and Stupidity

Belief in God, says a new Harris Poll, is down in America, and the godless are crowing about it. They have less to say (as in zero) about an increased belief in pseudo-science and superstition that Harris also turned up. Yet the positive correlation of disbelief in God and belief in utter claptrap is well […] […]

Funny: Punished for Something!

It wouldn’t so funny except this is really how most people see the relationship between sin and the bad things in life — maybe a regular reading of Job is in order. […]

The Sin of Achan

And Achan answered Joshua, “Truly I have sinned against the LORD God of Israel, and this is what I did: when I saw among the spoil a beautiful cloak from Shinar, and 200 shekels of silver, and a bar of gold weighing 50 shekels, then I coveted them and took them. And see, they are […] […]

Banishing Sin

We’ve banished sin. Or at least we’ve tried to. There is no hell. There is no such thing as evil. God doesn’t exist. Satan doesn’t exist even if God does exist. We’ve fallen in love with religions that tell us what to do, rather than what to think, or what sort of people we should be. But […] […]

Sin and Hell

It’s not often that I react to, rather than simply pointing to, what is written on another blog. But, I think this specific entry points to a chasm in Christian thinking that we really need to think about and understand as much as possible. Over at Parchment and Pen, one of the bloggers says: Think about […] […]

Narrative 006: Consequences of the Fall

The topic this time is the first set of consequences of the Fall, focusing on the interaction between God, Adam, Eve, and the Serpent. We also examine the judgments and the immediate results of this first sin. The next set of slides will deal with the development of total depravity and the transmission of sin, […] […]