Tolerate, Accept, Celebrate

The “work” of the radical is never done, it seems. In the 1960′s, the civil rights movement pushed — and pushed hard — to get rid of racial discrimination. Opposition to the wing of the Democratic Party known as the KKK was on the rise, finally resulting in the complete integration of the school system [...] [...]

Why Sex and Race are Different

There is a common meme in our world today: Containing the sexual urges is like racism. These two things are just different ways in which we are overcoming the poor training (and religious repression) of our ancestors. By being less racist, and more sexually free, we’re becoming more evolved. But is this true? Every argument made in [...] [...]

This is Racist

This is a racist message, pure and simple. To say that people with white skin can’t see, and correct, racism is to make a statement based on the race of the person in question — the very definition of racism. Maybe there are some other good slogans on racism we should try instead. It’s hard to [...] [...]

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We are used to thinking of Vegas as a city of gaudy spectacle and the green baize of poker, blackjack and roulette tables. It is now a city of slot machines, which have grown like weeds because they are fantastically profitable. And the spread of machine gambling offers a worrisome portent of developments elsewhere in [...] [...]

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Watching Key and Peele perform, it’s obvious that these are two extremely talented men. They’re also one-dimensional. To them, the world is solely about race. That’s why Obama gets a pass. Better to lie about his policies and spin fantasies about his accomplishments than to acknowledge that the man is dishonest and [...] [...]


Not many people, I suppose, would flinch at a line like this one: This neighborhood is great because it’s one third black, one third latino, and one third white! Especially when the speaker is a young member of a church that’s doing a lot of work in the inner city, building a neighborhood where nothing but fear [...] [...]

Three by Mallard Fillmore


The Dehumanizing Left

Republicans, due to their pathologies, are unable to recognize as human anyone who differs from them in the slightest way. This is the essence of Republican inhumanity. It’s called conservatism. I reject being categorized as a liberal or a conservative. As far as I am concerned, there are no liberals, there are just ordinary, normal [...] [...]

Praying for Trayvon

The number of people praying for the family of Trayvon Martin is astounding. From the President of the United States, to the Congressional floor, in many newsrooms, at many newspapers, people who will tell you that religion has no place in public life or policy are all saying they’re praying for the Martin family. I am, [...] [...]

A Christmas Present for Liberals