Those Poor

The one thing progressives will tell you is that conservatives — particularly Christian conservatives — are racist, homophobic, and that they hate poor people. Is any of this true? Or are they just looking in a mirror, projecting their own feelings on others? Or are they looking at those same people they claim others hate [...] [...]

Undocumented Tourist


Modern Racism

This ain’t your father’s racism, that’s for certain… [...]

Just Because He’s Black


What ARE they Teaching Kids in these Schools?

Oh, that’s what. [...]

Complex Questions Explained


Double Standards on Racism


Moral Truth and “If it Feels Good, Do it”

The expression “if it feels good, do it” is a well-known caricature of the ideology of sexual liberation. Only it is not really a caricature so much as an apt description. The predominant argument by which easy divorce, premarital sex, adultery, and finally homosexual conduct have been legitimized has always depended on the claim that [...] [...]

Racism and the “Wise Latina”

When Sonia Sotomyayor was nominated to the Supreme Court, we were promised wisdom. As it turns out, all we actually received was more of the same liberal lack of logic. Here now the proclamation of “the Wise Latina” (her words, not mine!): Rather, race-sensitive admissions policies further a compelling state interest in achieving a diverse student body [...] [...]

Attacked from the Left

The work of a radical is never done. Given a perfectly liberal mayor, considered the embodiment of all things progressive, what does the left do? Attack him. From the left, of course. The New York Post reports that a group of African-American ministers from Brooklyn protested before the steps of City Hall this week, insisting that [...] [...]