All Lives Matter

Those Poor

The one thing progressives will tell you is that conservatives — particularly Christian conservatives — are racist, homophobic, and that they hate poor people. Is […]

Undocumented Tourist

Modern Racism

This ain’t your father’s racism, that’s for certain…


Just Because He’s Black

What ARE they Teaching Kids in these Schools?

Oh, that’s what.

Complex Questions Explained

Double Standards on Racism

Moral Truth and “If it Feels Good, Do it”

The expression “if it feels good, do it” is a well-known caricature of the ideology of sexual liberation. Only it is not really a caricature […]

Racism and the “Wise Latina”

When Sonia Sotomyayor was nominated to the Supreme Court, we were promised wisdom. As it turns out, all we actually received was more of the […]