Three Charts on Education in America

Do you still think more money will help?


The Worst Monopoly

Money Isn’t the Answer

To improving education

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if you think you have no privacy now, just wait. Consider the day when you are walking through the grocery store and a sign on […]

Obliterating Common Core

Stacking the Questions

The questions in the illustration just to the left were passed out as a “test,” to determine if you’re a liberal or a conservative as […]

Notable: Teaching to the Test

But what if the test expects you to spout things that simply aren’t true in order to pass?

The new Florida exit exam standards are […]

Mosque Trip in Boston

Still sending your kids to public schools?


What Do They Teach?

Take a look at these documents from a Texas classroom, if you want to really know.

Read them carefully… Do you notice anything wrong […]

Teacher's Teachers Fail

It sounded like a great idea: Stanford education professors would create a model school to show how to educate low-income Hispanic and black students.

Or, […]