Money Isn’t the Answer

To improving education […]

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if you think you have no privacy now, just wait. Consider the day when you are walking through the grocery store and a sign on the aisle starts talking to you. “John, you know the last time you bought fruit loops was two months ago, and you know your kids love fruit loops.” The entire […] […]

Obliterating Common Core


Stacking the Questions

The questions in the illustration just to the left were passed out as a “test,” to determine if you’re a liberal or a conservative as part of the “Common Core,” standards (or rather, were developed under the rules of “Common Core” for use in public schools). Let’s look at a few of these questions to […] […]

Notable: Teaching to the Test

But what if the test expects you to spout things that simply aren’t true in order to pass? The new Florida exit exam standards are a shocking move toward what one can only equate to soviet style propaganda to create a monolithic citizenry. In the case of high school American history, a look into the specifics […] […]

Mosque Trip in Boston

Still sending your kids to public schools? […]

The Cost of Public Education

Next month’s opening of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools will be auspicious for a reason other than its both storied and infamous history as the former Ambassador Hotel, where the Democratic presidential contender was assassinated in 1968. With an eye-popping price tag of $578 million, it will mark the inauguration of the nation’s most […] […]

The Value of a College Degree

As the warm glow of college commencement ceremonies gives way to the cold reality of today’s job market, this year’s graduates and their anxious parents might be tempted to wonder whether it was worth it. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on higher education, often taking on huge debts along the way, many face […] […]

What Do They Teach?

Take a look at these documents from a Texas classroom, if you want to really know. Read them carefully… Do you notice anything wrong with the explanations of liberals vs conservatives? If liberals trust people more, then why are liberals always for bigger government, and more control? Big government is bad because people are fundamentally flawed; […] […]

Teacher's Teachers Fail

It sounded like a great idea: Stanford education professors would create a model school to show how to educate low-income Hispanic and black students. Or, as it’s turned out, how not to. In March, Stanford New Schools (aka East Palo Alto Academy) — a charter high school started in 2001 and elementary grades […] […]