Thy Kingdom Come

“Pastor?” “Yes?” “The Church Secretary said I could find you here. I’m here selling some information put out by the Last Days Hoopla Ministry.” “Really? And what do they believe?” “That the last days that Jesus spoke of are upon the earth, and that we should be aware of the events around us, and be looking for the Second […] […]

The Well

It was a small well, tucked in beside the road, and used for many generations before. It probably still stands on some road not often traveled by tourist just outside of Jerualem today. Zebedee, not the one of Biblical fame, approached and began to draw water. While he was doing so, another man, well known […] […]

Review: The Prophets and the Promise

The Prophets and the Promise: Being for Substance Rev. Willis Judson Beecher, D.D. I actually picked this book up on the recommendation of Dr. Kaiser, who spoke at Shepherds recently. He stated this work was one of the primary backgrounds for his latest book, so I decided I should read it before taking on Dr. Kaiser’s book, […] […]

Review: A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days Rabbi Jonathan Bernis This isn’t your typical “last days” book in any sense. While it is written by a Messianic Rabbi, and it does cover some events in eschatology, it is mostly an exhortation to be a witness for Yeshua during these times. The book contains a number of practical […] […]

A Life With a View (1)

We live in a world powerful with images. While there is no doubt this is true, what does it mean to a Christian, and what does it mean to the worldview of the age? Let’s start here: What do the Scriptures say about living by your eyes? Then they came up and laid hands on Jesus […] […]

The Fate of America

Chuck Missler was on a recent Understanding the Times show (by Jan Markell). I really encourage you to podcast her shows, and support her ministry. She’s one of the most interesting and reasonable voices out there right now in the arena of looking at current news, and what’s going on in the US. Anyway, to […] […]

Dr. Regan on Studying Prophecy

Prophecy is a rather understudied area of the Scriptures in the Church at large today. There’s a feeling that since it doesn’t directly “apply to my life,” there’s no reason to study it. As it’s studied less and less, it begins to appear to be an area where the “oddballs” and “strange folks” gather, the […] […]

The Tachometer

Let’s kick this off with a series of music styles set into one clip. Did you notice anything? The beat gets faster, that’s for certain, but it also gets more insistent, more prominent in the music. The primary focus moves from the vocals to the beat—rarely do you hear songs without a fast, prominent beat today. […] […]

Where is America Headed?

Glen Beck, over at the Pre-Trib Research Center, says: The number one question in Bible prophecy is—where is America in the end times? In fact, though, I’m not certain this is true any longer. I’ve heard of several prophecy conferences where the question doesn’t even come up any longer. That the question isn’t so urgent among many […] […]

You Can't Fight Through the Light

This short clip is from the Personal Defense TV series, season 2. While this is a good point for those who are concerned with personal defense—one takeaway could be that a good, solid light with strobe capabilities (available on most tactical lights now) is useful in many self defense situations—there is another takeaway, one that […] […]