Thy Kingdom Come

“Pastor?” “Yes?” “The Church Secretary said I could find you here. I’m here selling some information put out by the Last Days Hoopla Ministry.” “Really? […]

The Well

It was a small well, tucked in beside the road, and used for many generations before. It probably still stands on some road not often […]

Review: The Prophets and the Promise

The Prophets and the Promise: Being for Substance Rev. Willis Judson Beecher, D.D.

I actually picked this book up on the recommendation of Dr. Kaiser, […]

Review: A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

This isn’t your typical “last days” book in any sense. While it is written by […]

A Life With a View (1)

We live in a world powerful with images. While there is no doubt this is true, what does it mean to a Christian, and […]

The Fate of America

Chuck Missler was on a recent Understanding the Times show (by Jan Markell). I really encourage you to podcast her shows, and support her […]

Dr. Regan on Studying Prophecy

Prophecy is a rather understudied area of the Scriptures in the Church at large today. There’s a feeling that since it doesn’t directly “apply […]

The Tachometer

Let’s kick this off with a series of music styles set into one clip.

Did you notice anything? The beat gets faster, that’s for […]

Where is America Headed?

Glen Beck, over at the Pre-Trib Research Center, says:

The number one question in Bible prophecy is—where is America in the end times?

In […]

You Can't Fight Through the Light

This short clip is from the Personal Defense TV series, season 2. While this is a good point for those who are concerned with […]