Atheism in the Face of Pain

One of the many attacks against Christianity is the problem of evil, which can be simply stated: If an infinitely loving and infinitely powerful God really exists, then why does evil exist?” If God is all loving, then he would not allow evil. If God were all powerful, then he would be able to create […] […]

Review: Evil and the God of Love

Evil and the God of Love John Hick Written in 1966, this is a classic treatise on the various theodicies proposed by Christian thinkers through the last two thousand years. (A theodicy defends God against existence of evil). The author divides his work into four parts; an introduction, Austinian theodicies, Irenaean theodicies, and finally a new proposal. Dr. […] […]

Review: The Many Faces of Evil

The Many Faces of Evil John S. Feinberg The existence of evil is, perhaps, one of the hardest problems for Christianity to untangle. Why should a God who is all loving, all good, and all powerful, allow evil to exist? While the first reaction to Christianity in modern times is “science has proven God doesn’t exist,” a […] […]

Review: Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture Ravi Zacharias Approx 4 hours of video, workbook In this set of videos, Ravi Zacharias discusses the state of the world, the concept of evil, and finally, the only deliverance from evil there is, through Christ. The video is split up into thirteen sections, each about twenty […] […]