A Perception Driven World

You may have seen this video of Israeli Soldiers shooting a poor kid in the leg, and then laughing about it. Later images in the narrative include the kid in the hospital with his leg in a cast, and then discharge papers for the kid leaving the hospital. It all sounds watertight, right? An Israeli […] […]

Asymmetric Warfare


Thursday Roundup

As always, my bookmarks runneth over. Time to clean them out. It’s interesting that those who collect your data are often afraid of you even seeing what they’re collecting. In this particular case, it relates to information collected by public schools in their students. I suspect this might have to do with fear of the information […] […]

This Time, It Really is Different


Anti-Semitism Illustrated


Funny ā€” & Not So Funny

In case you didn’t hear, the image that launched a thousand tongues wagging against Israel, and a thousand rocks and rockets into Israel, has been proven a complete a total fraud. Israel did not kill this child, as anyone who actually followed the story from day one, and looked at the facts (rather than the […] […]

Rockets? What Rockets?

A recent study of the textbooks used in Israel and Palestine (a state which has never existed in the history of man) has revealed, to no-one’s surprise, that Israel and Palestine are equally at fault for the current conflict. Which just proves that when you start with a presupposition that doesn’t match reality, it takes […] […]

Worth Reading

A few articles from RSS feeds that are worth reading… Sharia Enforcers hit the Streets of London The official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper has accused the United States of ordering radical Islamists to commit atrocities in order to justify America’s war on terror and its actions against Arabs. -PMW A recent survey shows that Generation Y thinks pretty […] […]

The “Occupation” in Palestine

Where are those IDF soldiers we’re always hearing about who shoot Palestinians like they’re some kind of animal in this picture? And where are those respectful and tolerant Palestinians who just want to get along? Sure, Israel makes mistakes in Palestine. But the current narrative that the Palestinians are peace loving people who are just oppressed […] […]

Is Palestine an Occupied Nation?