News: Net Neutrality Madness

Several stories on the current state of “Net Neutrality,” which the FCC just imposed —against just about everyone’s will— through regulation based on secret meetings (and you thought this was a free country?). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is slated to vote Tuesday on an Internet regulation scheme hatched by Chairman Julius Genachowski. It’s bad enough […] […]

On Net Neutrality-

If there is one argument against ‘net neutrality that rings true to me, it’s that of extending regulation. What we have here is essentially a war over how costs are presented to the consumer. Content providers want to charge for the content without the cost of the network thrown in, so the content looks cheap. […] […]

On Net Neutrality

If you’re having problems figuring the “net neutrality” debate out, maybe this will help. On the one side, you have content providers —online gaming and video rental sites— that want to deliver content to you cheaper than you can get it through physical delivery. This is, in essence, the entire game of “cloud computing.” The network […] […]

Is Internet Censorship Coming?

I remember a seeing a film in school a long, long time ago about government regulation. In the film—obviously fictional—someone decides people are cutting down too many trees, so they decide there needs to be a regulation on how many trees any given forester can cut down in one day, in one month, and in […] […]

On Net Neutrality

you might not have heard of ‘net neturtality.’ The idea is to change the fundamental way the Internet works to ensure free and equal access. Let’s start with this: I don’t really think many people understand how the Internet really works (in fact, I doubt anyone really understands how the Internet really works, beyond a […] […]