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Narrative 035: Jacob Wrestles

This material focuses on Genesis 32, and the strange incident at Peniel. Why is God wrestling with Jacob? How does a man prevail over God? An interesting aside in this set of slides —we find out the true origin of the name “Palestine.” Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with the Philistines.


Narrative 034: Jacob Flees

For those following along in our narrative study of the Scriptures, the slides for the <34th hour are posted here. This hour we discuss the 31st chapter of Genesis, where Jacob decides to flee, and ends up confronting Laban in the mountains of Gilead. [embed]http://www.thinkinginchrist.com/media/narrative-study/034-Jacob Flees.pdf[/embed]


Narrative 029: Jacob and Esau (1)

We continue working our way through Genesis (there’s a lot of material to cover in Genesis) with chapter 25, up to the birth of Jacob and Esau. The end of this study spends a little time talking about predestination in light of the Romans 9 passage, which relies on the birth of these two men as background.


Narrative 028: Bride at the Well

he 28th set of slides for our small group narrative study are up. This one covers Abraham’s sending of the servant to find a bride for Isaac. I’ve done this one a little different; I’m trying not to embed the actual Text so much in each slide, to allow a slightly larger typeface, and more notes and information on each slide. Instead of actually reading the Text, I’m using the Listener’s Bible to play each section in turn.


Narrative 027: The Binding, Part 2

The 26th set of slides from our small group’s narrative study of the Scriptures are up. This one finishes out Genesis 22, including a discussion of the way James and Paul use Abraham as an illustration in the New Testament. There is also a short discussion on the Cave at Machpelah, and finally a review of the tests of Abraham’s life.


Narrative 024: The Cities of the Plain (2)

The 24th set of slides (24th hour) of our small group narrative study of the Bible is up for your perusal. This one covers the second part of Genesis 19, from the point where Lot flees to his incest with his daughters. This set of slides also discusses Lot’s spiritual condition, and some things we can learn from Lot’s life.


Narrative 023: The Cities of the Plain (1)

Narrative 23, the first of two parts on the Cities of the Plain in Genesis 19 is up for your perusal and study. This part contains various pictures of the area around Sodom, and discusses Genesis 19 up to the point where the Angels have had enough, and are about to destroy the Cities, just as day is breaking.


Narrative 022: God’s Justice

The slides for the 22nd hour of our small group Narrative Study of the Bible are up. I must say I had to wrestle with this one a good bit, and I still don’t know if I’ve really gotten it right, or explained what I think well. The problem relates to the relationship between God’s statement/question on telling Abraham about the destruction of Sodom, and Abraham’s plea for justice in response. These are both very interesting passages, difficult to understand and to digest.

Take a look if you want to see my solution.

[gview file=”http://www.thinkinginchrist.com/media/narrative-study/022-God’s%20Justice.pdf”]
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