Friday Leftovers

It’s another Friday, and it’s another week of the overflowing refrigerator of bookmarks. First, a couple of cartoons — life is short, eat desert first. Can the state remain completely neutral in the discussion between religion and irreligion? In other words, can you remove morality from legislation? The first problem we should note is that this […] […]

One Spark of Light


How to Drive a Liberal Crazy


Why There is no Middle East Peace


Notable: Middle East Revolutions

From Inspire, the Al-Qaeda magazine: The biggest barrier between the mujahidin and freeing al-Aqsa were the tyrant rulers. Now that the friends of America and Israel are being mopped out one after the other, our aspirations are great that the path between us and al-Aqsa is clearing up. There could be no freeing of Palestine with […] […]

Another Storm Gathering

The Turkish National Security Council approved a few days ago significant changes in a document which contains threats against Turkey claiming that Israel is now a major threat to the country, Turkish media reported Saturday. Israel was redefined as a “major threat” in the document called “The Red Book.” … At the same time the […] […]