Review: Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ

Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ Harold W. Hoehner Dr. Hoehner approaches his subject by addressing seven specific issues in understanding the chronology and dating in the life of Christ. He begins with the date of the birth of Christ, coming to the conclusion that 4BC is the only date possible. Through this section, he deals […] […]

Review: The Life of Christ (Farrar)

The Life of Christ Frederick W. Farrar Logos/Logos Life of Christ Collection/Amazon Farrar’s Life of Christ is one of the classic texts on the subject, published in 1886, and used by seminaries and students ever since that time. To understand Farrar’s text, the reader needs to begin with it’s social context. In the late 1800’s, there were many […] […]

The Deity of Christ: The Birth Announcements

There is a persistent modern myth that the deity of Christ was something added to the record of the Gospels long after Jesus actually lived and died —and that Jesus himself never claimed to be God. This series will destroy this myth in it’s entirety by showing how the story of Jesus doesn’t make sense […] […]

Review: What Have They Done With Jesus?

What Have They Done With Jesus? Ben Witherington There will always be a great deal of interest in the life of Jesus at the scholarly and not-so-scholarly levels —at least until Jesus, himself, returns, and we can ask him questions about his childhood, his intentions, and his theology to satisfy our curiosity. Given the current raft of […] […]