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Narrative 035: Jacob Wrestles

This material focuses on Genesis 32, and the strange incident at Peniel. Why is God wrestling with Jacob? How does a man prevail over God? An interesting aside in this set of slides —we find out the true origin of the name “Palestine.” Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with the Philistines.


Narrative 034: Jacob Flees

For those following along in our narrative study of the Scriptures, the slides for the <34th hour are posted here. This hour we discuss the 31st chapter of Genesis, where Jacob decides to flee, and ends up confronting Laban in the mountains of Gilead. [embed]http://www.thinkinginchrist.com/media/narrative-study/034-Jacob Flees.pdf[/embed]


Narrative 033: Jacob’s Blessing

The 33rd set of slides for our small group’s Narrative Study of the Scriptures are now up. This time, we’re discussing Genesis 29 & 30, dealing with the birth of Jacob’s first 11 sons, Dinah (his daughter), and his increasing wealth in flocks and herds.


[gview file=”http://www.thinkinginchrist.com/media/narrative-study/033-Jacob’s%20Blessing.pdf”]

Narrative 031: Jacob Steals the Blessing

For those following along through our narrative study of the Scriptures, the 31st set of slides are up. This session covers Genesis 27, where Jacob “steals” his father’s blessing from Esau. You’ll have to read the slides if you want to hear the other side of the story; it’s a very interesting section of the Scriptures.


Narrative 030: Jacob and Esau (2)

We are still winding our way through Genesis in our narrative study of the Scriptures. The slides for the 30th hour, which continues our look at the lives of Jacob and Esau, slides are posted. The primary focus is Esau selling his birthright, including the commentary provided on the event by the writer of Hebrews, and the single chapter devoted to Isaac, which is Genesis 26.


Narrative 029: Jacob and Esau (1)

We continue working our way through Genesis (there’s a lot of material to cover in Genesis) with chapter 25, up to the birth of Jacob and Esau. The end of this study spends a little time talking about predestination in light of the Romans 9 passage, which relies on the birth of these two men as background.

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