Laying Claim to America

Several incidents in the last week have been completely misunderstood by most observers — primarily because the concepts involved in them are completely outside the modern American’s experience, and generally at the very edge of our belief systems. There is, in most ancient religions, a direct tie between territory controlled and the strength of their […] […]

Convert or Die


Little Green Book Thinking

On the 10th of September, the President of the United States stood in front of a camera and read the words on his teleprompter. His teleprompter told him to say: Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents. And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been […] […]

Islamic Theology: Week 1

I’m teaching on Islamic theology proper, and how it compares to Christian theology proper, in my Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) class (Coach’s Corner) this week and next. I’m posting the first week’s outline here, and will post next week’s outline next week, after I’ve covered the material in class. 2014-08-04 Islamic Theology 01 […]

The Progressive War on Moderate Islam

Running our eyes across the Middle East and Africa, it seems like the world has been lit on fire – and the flame isn’t going to go out any time soon. A short overview of all the wars going on in the name of Islam can be found on this handy dandy map: Taken from this […] […]

Homeschool Apologetics, Week 23: Confronting Islam (Part 3)

Homeschool Apologetics, Week 21: Confronting Islam (Part 2)

Homeschool Apologetics, Week 20: Confronting Islam (Part 1)

Around the Web

Israel this week became the latest democracy to join the not-so-exclusive club of friendly countries on which the United States spies. But unlike the other members of the club — including Britain, France and Germany — Israel has a spy sitting in an American prison for 28 years because it violated the hallowed principle that […] […]

Worldview Week 21: Love and Family

I’m blogging through a worldview class I’m teaching for our homeschool coop through the next year in this series of posts. Each week I’ll post a class outline and notes. What difference does the family make? This week we look at the concept of love —including where it comes from, and what it means— from the […] […]