The Solution to Extremism

Laying Claim to America

Several incidents in the last week have been completely misunderstood by most observers — primarily because the concepts involved in them are completely outside the […]

Convert or Die

Little Green Book Thinking

On the 10th of September, the President of the United States stood in front of a camera and read the words on his teleprompter. His […]

Islamic Theology: Week 1

I’m teaching on Islamic theology proper, and how it compares to Christian theology proper, in my Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) class (Coach’s Corner) this week […]

The Progressive War on Moderate Islam

Running our eyes across the Middle East and Africa, it seems like the world has been lit on fire – and the flame isn’t going […]

Homeschool Apologetics, Week 23: Confronting Islam (Part 3)

Homeschool Apologetics, Week 21: Confronting Islam (Part 2)

Homeschool Apologetics, Week 20: Confronting Islam (Part 1)

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Israel this week became the latest democracy to join the not-so-exclusive club of friendly countries on which the United States spies. But unlike the other […]