Review: Biblical Hermeneutics (Five Views)

Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views Stanley Porter, Beth Stovell Amazon How should we read the Scriptures? Should we try to figure out what the author meant, assuming God is the ultimate author (and hence the human author’s words should be taken at something less than full value), she we try to understand the application of these words to our [...] [...]

Review: Him We Proclaim

Him We Proclaim Dennis E. Johnson Amazon How should the modern pastor or teacher take the Old Testament (the Tanakh), a series of books written thousands of years ago, and relate it to life in the modern world? This is a question of some urgency in the modern world, a question embedded in the larger question of how [...] [...]

Review: The Midrash Key

The Midrash Key Edward J. Vasicek Amazon Our modern worldview is so alien from the worldview of a religious Jew in the first century that it’s often difficult for us to read the Gospel accounts of the Life of Christ and even make a beginning of penetrating what they are saying. In The Midrash Key, Vasicek argues that [...] [...]

Word Play

At first, “to discriminate” meant to choose between one of several options. More specifically, it meant to wisely choose between more than one option. Then it came to mean to choose not to like someone else because of the color of their skin, because discrimination often meant to avoid those who were in a “lower class,” [...] [...]

Review: A History of Interpretation

A History of Interpretation Fredrick William Farrar Amazon Logos If you’re trying to really get a grasp on the failures of hermeneutics throughout the ages of the Christian Church, and you want specific examples of each error, this is an excellent resource. Dr. Farrar actually delivered this book as a series of lectures at the University of Oxford [...] [...]

Paper: Reading Romans 9

I just finished this paper for the hermeneutics class I’m taking at STS. If you’re at all interested in the Calvinism/Arminianism debate, and how it relates to Dispensational thought, this paper will probably be of interest —whether or not you agree with my conclusion. [...]

Review: How to Write A Sentence

How to Write a Sentence Stanley Fish Sometimes hermeneutics sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I originally picked this book up just to learn better writing, and I wound up in an unexpected world of hermeneutics. Why sentences? Is it the thought or the form that counts? What is a sentence? Each of these [...] [...]

Homeschool Theology 03: Reading the Scriptures

In this third week of the homeschool theology class, we discussed the way in which we read the Scriptures –in other words, hermeneutics. Should we read the Scriptures like we would a myth? Or are the Scriptures discussing events that really happened, leading us to read them literally? While this outline doesn’t go into a [...] [...]

Notable: He Who Defines the Terms Wins

There is a movement in America to return to the intent of the Founders, but I wonder just how long it will take to re-educate ourselves and others of the original intent. It can be exhausting business. Take for instance, the word “Democracy.” For years, media and good folks have been calling the U.S. form of [...] [...]

Review: Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Dr. William W. Klein Dr. Craig L. Blomberg Dr. Robert L. Hubbard, Jr. All theological disputes begin, and end, in hermeneutics. This might seem to be a truism, or a trite factoid devoid of content in the modern world, and yet it remains true —and relevant— in our Christian lives. In light of this, some [...] [...]