Review: Biblical Hermeneutics (Five Views)

Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views Stanley Porter, Beth Stovell


How should we read the Scriptures? Should we try to figure out what the author meant, […]

Review: Him We Proclaim

Him We Proclaim Dennis E. Johnson


How should the modern pastor or teacher take the Old Testament (the Tanakh), a series of books written […]

Review: The Midrash Key

The Midrash Key Edward J. Vasicek


Our modern worldview is so alien from the worldview of a religious Jew in the first century that […]

Word Play

At first, “to discriminate” meant to choose between one of several options. More specifically, it meant to wisely choose between more than one option.


Review: A History of Interpretation

A History of Interpretation Fredrick William Farrar

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If you’re trying to really get a grasp on the failures of hermeneutics throughout the ages […]

Paper: Reading Romans 9

I just finished this paper for the hermeneutics class I’m taking at STS. If you’re at all interested in the Calvinism/Arminianism debate, and how it […]

Review: How to Write A Sentence

How to Write a Sentence Stanley Fish

Sometimes hermeneutics sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I originally picked this book up just […]

Notable: He Who Defines the Terms Wins

There is a movement in America to return to the intent of the Founders, but I wonder just how long it will take to re-educate […]

Review: Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Dr. William W. Klein Dr. Craig L. Blomberg Dr. Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.

All theological disputes begin, and end, in hermeneutics. […]