Fear and Failed Hobbesian States

This is an interesting article on the use of fear in the service of state power. Thus, it is not just threats to the well being of citizens — or even the citizenry’s fears of those threats — that compel governments to take action against those threats and certainly not the rights-abridging actions government officials so [...] [...]

Close the Washington Monument

Securing the Washington Monument from terrorism has turned out to be a surprisingly difficult job. The concrete fence around the building protects it from attacking vehicles, but there’s no visually appealing way to house the airport-level security mechanisms the National Park Service has decided are a must for visitors. It is considering several options, but [...] [...]

Why are We Afraid?

Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement calling for large-type warning labels on the foods that kids most commonly choke on — grapes, nuts, carrots, candy and public enemy No. 1: the frank. Then the lead author of the report, pediatric emergency room doctor Gary Smith, went one step further. He called [...] [...]


About two months ago, I left an eating establishment after discovering that there was a meeting of individuals all “bearing arms.” Since it was a buffet, they were walking all over the place, many carrying children along with their guns. … This week, I drove over 15 miles to eat at a [...] [...]

News Roundup

Today is a bit different, because there were a few comments I wanted to make on each story, as well as pointing to the stories themselves. Christianity only reinforced the Stoic message. It pointed out that all human beings find it easy to imagine perfection, but that it’s a problem—indeed a sin—to suppose that such perfection [...] [...]