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Worth Reading: Is the Battle Over?

Clearly there are people who still believe in the theory of evolution, and there probably always will be; but several signs indicate to us that the theory of evolution is on its death bed. Foremost among these signs is a recent development at the NCSE. –Science Against Evolution

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE), has, for years, been on the forefront of trying to stop any criticism about evolutionary theory as the “grand unifying truth” of all life from being taught in public schools. This one organization has spent millions in trying to prevent children from hearing both sides of the story in relation to evolution —the evidence against as well as the evidence and “just-so” stories for.

The NCSE hasn’t decided it’s won the battle. Far from it. Rather, their funding is way down, and they’re looking for a new cause to fill up their coffers. So they chose the next failed theory to help out —global warming.

Our belief that support for evolution is declining isn’t based strictly on money. In the beginning, we were overwhelmed by hate mail from evolutionists. Lately, our hate mail has dropped off to practically nothing. (Hopefully this essay will inspire what few evolutionists are left to write us nasty emails which we can use as grist for our mill.) This might not be significant, but we noticed when reading their campaign literature that neither of the candidates for president of the AAAS mentioned the importance of keeping evolution in the public school curriculum this year, as some candidates have in past years.

We are moving into the post-evolution years. What will be next? Certainly not a resurgence in belief in Christianity. What’s more likely is a resurgence in some modern form of paganism, or nature worship.

You heard about it here first.

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