The Four Failures of Macro Evolution

Science is observable, testable, and repeatable. If something is not all three of these things, then it is not science, but rather a collection of just so stories. Is evolutionary theory science, or a collection of just so stories. Evolution fails to explain life. In fact, modern medicine is entirely based on a simple fact proven [...] [...]

Worth Reading: Is the Battle Over?

Clearly there are people who still believe in the theory of evolution, and there probably always will be; but several signs indicate to us that the theory of evolution is on its death bed. Foremost among these signs is a recent development at the NCSE. -Science Against Evolution The National Center for Science Education (NCSE), has, [...] [...]

Review: Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

Should Christians Embrace Evolution? Edited by Norman C. Nevin Is deistic evolution really a solid Christian stance? While evolution is on its last legs as a scientific theory, it is ever more pervasive in popular culture. If you don’t believe in evolution, you are dumb. Or so the popular sentiment goes. Because of this popular attitude, many [...] [...]