Review: A Universe From Nothing

A Universe From Nothing Lawrence M Kraus

The purpose of this book is simple. I want to show how modern science, in various guises, can […]

Worth Reading: Evolution Edition

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has feathers like a duck, then it probably is a […]

Review: Questions of Truth

Questions of Truth: Fifty One Responses to Questions John Polkinghorne and Nicholas Beale

Questions comes from the questions asked of two working physicists, and their […]

Homeschool Theology 05: Creation

Far too often, in our science soaked world, we just skip right by the first few chapters of Genesis and the creation narrative they contain. […]

Alleged: A More Accurate Depiction of the Scopes "Monkey Trial"

Alleged: A More Accurate Depiction of the Scopes “Monkey Trial”

Notable: A Cloud Over Ownership

Our possessions define us. Yet today the definition of possession itself is shifting, thanks to cloud services that store some things we hold dear on […]

Notable: Creation Verses Evolution

This month’s Science Against Evolution Website of the Month looks like it’s well worth reading:

As design demonstrates the existence and capability of a designer, […]

Get Your Own Dirt: A Retelling

The keys rattle as he pulls the chain from his lab coat, finds the right one, and unlocks the door.

“Just this way, Frank, and […]

Intelligent Design

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