Modern "Christianity"

First, a few clips from an interview with Mr. Obama:

FALSANI: What do you believe? OBAMA: I am a Christian. … FALSANI: Who’s Jesus to […]

On Obedience to the State (Part 3)

Given today’s headlines, the question fairly shouts itself into our world: What is the proper relationship between the Christian and the State? Why is this […]

Review: Where the Conflict Really Lies (Part 1)

Where the Conflict Really Lies Alvin Plantinga

Christianity is a religion of faith —and faith is, in essence, opposed to reason. In fact, we could […]

Review: Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

Should Christians Embrace Evolution? Edited by Norman C. Nevin

Is deistic evolution really a solid Christian stance? While evolution is on its last legs as […]

Headlines of Today, Headlines of the Future

Headline of today:

British citizens who smoke, drink, or tip the scales because they’ve eaten too many fish and chips could soon be denied medical […]

There is a Difference Between Islam and Christianity

If repeating something is the measure of its truthfulness, then Islam and Christianity are, in essence, the same religion —just with some minor differences in […]

Notable: Are Christians Obsessed With Gays and Abortion?

And that’s why I chuckle when I hear the common critique of the religious and secular left: “Evangelicals are obsessed with gays and abortion.” The […]

Notable: Chrislam

This weekend, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston along with Christian communities in Atlanta, Seattle, and Detroit will initiate a series of sermons that […]

Notable: The Silence of Christian Clergy

It’s hard for most of us who have already had our individual epiphanies on the subject of Islam to understand why so many of the […]

What God Really Wants

At the most fundamental level, the conflict between the different worldviews isn’t about what sort of rules to follow. The Muslim wants us to follow […]