Random Events


If our abilities, our desires, our drive — everything about us — is all about our genes, then it makes as much sense to celebrate weddings, Olympic gold medals, and the winner of some sports game as it does to Dilbert (above) to celebrate birthdays. It’s just a matter of random chance against time. Oh, you worked hard for that Olympic gold medal? Not you, but your genes — not only did your genes program you with the body capable of running faster than anyone else, it also programmed you with the desire to win, and the ability to practice, etc.

In the end, the reductionist game we’re playing right now is the ultimate acid — it destroys the Christian faith and witness in the same way it destroys everything it touches. The end game here is a slag of genes lying on the floor and no-one who can celebrate, argue with, or even understand those genes.


“ That is why her choice in men “left a lot to be desired”: nothing of long-term significance for her hung on it, or seemed to hang on it, so that the only criterion of choice was immediate attraction—commonly known as lust. If her choice in men left a lot to be desired, her choice in men was made by desiring a lot. Lust is a nearly universal human experience; what is new is the complete loss of awareness of its status as a cardinal sin and of the disastrous consequences likely to follow when it becomes the principal guide of action. But Nash lived in a world in which, thanks to state support, there was little other guide in this important area of life—or, at any rate, none more important. Lust would eventually put out her eyes. ”

- Theodore Dalrymple -

Other people’s bodies

According to Dan Savage, internationally approved LGBT bully —

Unlike amputating healthy limbs (which some doctors will do, if only to prevent “transabled” people who may have “body integrity identity disorder” from amputating their own limbs) or thin people starving themselves to death because they think they’re fat, transgender people who embrace their true gender identity and take steps toward transitioning are happier and healthier. … Other people’s bodies—and other people’s body parts—are theirs, not yours. And if someone needs to change or even remove some part(s) of their body to be who they are and to be happy and to be healthy, they should have that right.

The argument he’s making here is that if someone wants to change their body to feel at home in it — from changing their gender to taking off an arm, or being intentionally blinded — it’s none of your business. You can’t judge what they’re feeling, nor who they really are, and they’re not harming anyone but themselves.

Waiting for Dan Savage to come out against seat belt laws — but don’t hold your breath.

It’s hard, to the point of impossible, to make the case that someone should be able to mutilate their body through surgery, but not through starvation. Whether they will be allowed to follow their dreams or not is whether or not you think they will be happier or not. So it all comes down to this — you have the freedom to do whatever a group of people who claim to be smarter and more wise than you think you should be able to do.

This isn’t freedom. It’s tyranny.


When progress leaves reason behind…

“Where are you facts? You need to do better research before tossing this nonsense out in the real world.”

This — and the accusation of “somethingphonic” — seem to be the primary retorts of the progressive liberal in conversation. Ironically, the two arguments actually argue against one another. Either evolution is correct, progress means the survival of the species, and therefore all the “sexual deviants” should be thrown out of the race, or Christians and those who believe the race to the sexual bottom is harmful have no facts, and therefore should be thrown out of the race. Either one is true, or the other from the progressive perspective.

So when these two foundational arguments of the progressive liberal order bounce into one another, the question must be: which one will win? Will the progressive give up science to their neopagan crusade (all sex, all the time, all over the place, no matter the cost)? Or will they give up their neopagan crusade to their belief in evolution and scientism?

The answer seems to be forthcoming.

Now, some physicists and philosophers think it is time to reconsider the notion of falsifiability. Could a theory that provides an elegant and accurate account of the world around us—even if its predictions can’t be tested by today’s experiments, or tomorrow’s—still “count” as science? As theory pulls further and further ahead of the capabilities of experiment, physicists are taking this question seriously. “We are in various ways hitting the limits of what will ever be testable, unless we have misunderstood some essential point about the nature of reality,” says theoretical cosmologist George Ellis. “We have now seen all the visible universe (i.e back to the visual horizon) and only gravitational waves remain to test further; and we are approaching the limits of what particle colliders it will ever be feasible to build, for economic and technical reasons.”

When a theory cannot be tested, but it so elegant that it cannot be false, then falsifiability must go. So the gold standard of science must fall to what we want to believe, no matter whether or not it is true.

Repeatability, a second leg that supports the scientific method, is also being staged for a fall, it seems. If experiments can’t be replicated? No problem. Just wait, and eventually the papers that can’t be replicated will be “weeded out.” In the meantime, don’t look at all the people who die, or who’s lives are ruined. Remember, if the theory is elegant enough it doesn’t need to be tested.

Science has been a useful tool for the progressive left, but when science bumps up against the new age beliefs of liberal progressivism, science loses. Remember that the next time someone says, “conservatives and Christians are anti-science…” Only Christianity and Judaism can support science in its fullest meaning and practice.

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