Free Money

What is the Point of a Selfie?

…what is the point of a selfie? It’s about affirmation. It’s about how many “likes” they can get, and at the end of the day […]

The Power of Censorship

Business versus Government

Why are Progressives so Angry?

For the secular leftist, the end state is social and necessarily political. It is all about getting everybody else on board and herding them into […]

GoogleTruth Report, April 1602

A controversy over GoogleTruth’s ranking of books and papers published, an aid to those using local libraries in Rome, has come to the fore over […]

Standing in a Swimming Pool

Three Charts on Education in America

Do you still think more money will help?


It’s Not About Me

Mistrusting Science?

Imagine this: You frequent a shop where they sell jelly beans by the pound. After your third or fourth trip, you begin to notice that […]