Mutual assured destruction…

Review: Biblical Logic in Theory & Practice

Biblical Logic in Theory & Practice Joel McDurmon

Faith is a rational act.

It might take a lot for a lot of people to […]

The forgotten victim

Our modern outrage culture, founded on the five minute hate, enabled by the mainstream media, and fostered by the broad reach of ignorance, often claims […]

Save the…

Coming to the United States soon, in fact.

Is global climate change science?

Science, according to wikipedia, is —

Science (from Latin scientia, meaning “knowledge”) is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of […]

In other tolerance related news…

Undoing Being

The government of New York City wants to put every child into preschool so they can spend time away from their “chaotic two earner parent […]

They’re Buggy

Judges 7: Fear and Faith

The Gideon narrative, from his call to the fall of the Midianite troops, can be seen as an alternate wave of fear and faith. Gideon […]

Hypocrisy of the week

This last week, the Friends School of Baltimore removed a profile of one of it’s high profile alumni — Ryan T. Anderson — from various […]