Radical Christians

Internet of Things

Whether or not you know it 3 or like it — the “Internet of Things” is well on its way. With smart phones and smart […]


Friday the 13th

It’s not just for bad luck, it’s also for clearing all those bookmarks I’ve been saving and just haven’t gotten around to writing about.

The […]


Those Slippery Rights

Spot the Logical Fallacy

The truth of a narrative is not dependent on the truth of any one particular fact. 3/32 — Ben Trovato (@TrovatoBen) January 13, 2015

If […]

Or it Shouldn't be a Law

The “individual mandate” of the “Affordable Care Act” (which is not affordable, doesn’t provide affordable insurance, and decreases the level of actual care — except […]

Which Black Lives Matter?

Number One with a Bullet