Mountains and Molehills and Redskins

Among all the professional football teams in the US (not the soccer kind of football, the football kind of football — you know the one, with all the head injuries and performance enhancing drugs and stuff?) there is one the progressive mind finds intolerable. Literally. I’m certain you know what I’m talking about: the hated [...] [...]

Lab Rat


Taught to Think

I don’t believe you really can be “taught to think,” not really. Like all other skills, it comes from practice. At some point students can — or must — begin teaching themselves. At least, if they’re to become true students. -Ace of Spades [...]

Lessons Learned: the Great Pacific Garbage Hoax

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch stretches for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean, forming a nebulous, floating junk yard on the high seas. It’s the poster child for a worldwide problem: plastic that begins in human hands yet ends up in the ocean, often inside animals’ stomachs or around their necks. This marine [...] [...]

More Humor for the 4th


A Little Humor for the Holiday


BCP 3 July 2014

I have said, a number of times, that the IRS’ use of its power to target political opponents (and make no mistake — the IRS is first and foremost a political organization which has set its sights on self preservation) is the worst scandal in US history. Mark Steyn explains why he doesn’t operate a [...] [...]

None Dare Call this Exploitation

But it is. [...]

War Against Reality

Should we assign children their gender at birth? If this question seems trivial, or nonsensical, then you’re way behind the curve of modern thinking. Slate argues that we shouldn’t — in fact, that’s it’s harmful to look at the body of that newborn and say, “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy.” We tell our children, [...] [...]

The Rejection of the (Progressive) Messiah