You’re Covered

Congress passed the law for us. Now we’re finding out what’s in it. Want to opt out? Join a union or run for congress. [...]

You and the State

Families are old fashioned — a blast from the past — so yesterday. Don’t believe me? Our entire culture has been moving in the direction of the progressive ideal represented in Brave New World for some time. First there was “no fault” divorce, along with the “sexual revolution” that untied sex from relationships. Now there is [...] [...]

Violence Against Women


Brainwashed Kids

In the service of the modern progressive state — an example from real life. Just one more reason to homeschool your kids. [...]

Undocumented Tourist


Google-ized Thinking

According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, if you don’t believe in “global warming,” you’re “literally just lying.” Not only are these folks lying, they’re “hurting our children and grandchildren and making the world a much worse place.” What arrogance. Arrogance, first of all, in the belief that humans do, and can, “control” the climate in some way. [...] [...]

Slow, Children


Tolerance First

Has someone finally figured out the real difference between liberals (progressives) and conservatives? Pew Research, in a recent survey, turned up up this gem of a statistic — A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that liberals think teaching tolerance to children is far more important than instilling religious faith, whereas conservatives think the [...] [...]

Things Kids Need Permission For


From the Fridge

Another week, another week of bookmarks I never got to writing about… And so, we open the fridge, clear away all the fuzzy green stuff, and dig out the leftovers. American leadership has been in the thrall of “spreading Democracy” for decades, and it’s probable the “Democratic” party actually gets a boost from using the word [...] [...]