The Only Thing that’s Offensive…

I’ve heard someone describe forcing ministers to perform homosexual marriage as “dancing in the end zone of the culture wars” — the point being, that the “homosexual rights” groups have won the culture war, and now they’re going to force their “victory” down everyone’s throats just to show they can. I’m not so certain this […] […]



The Monday After the Wave

Yes, that is a major news commentator. Pouting. On the air. About the election results as they come in. Not that the media is biased or anything, you see. So, we had a Republican “wave.” A few thoughts. First, I’m not convinced that people, at large, have suddenly gone out and read the great classics, and learned […] […]

Failed Ideas Never Go Away…


Rational Fear


Judges 4: Tent Peg, Hammer, and Providence (Part 2)

What are we to make of Barak refusing to go into battle without Deborah? Is this cowardice? While there is some element of fear or cowardice here, there certainly must be more. Barak throws himself into the battle, leading the army of Israel in the face of those iron chariots, eventually routing the army of […] […]


It’s only Thursday, I know, but leftovers are better when they’re fresher, you see… Or something like that. So, forthwith, a selection of stuff from my bookmarks file I won’t ever really get to write anything about otherwise. Dealing with the police is always a difficult thing. There are, after all, a lot of really decent […] […]

Politically Correct


Twisting Your Arm