Progressive Xenophobia Rising

Every now and then an incident occurs that so completely exposes the worldview of the person involved that it deserves to become iconic (whether or not it actually does). One particular incident stands out in the recent past, though few people have heard of it, or paid attention. The background is this: A pair of sisters [...] [...]

Unemployment Under Various Presidents

While the President really shouldn’t have much to do with unemployment, the sad reality is that we live in a country where he does. By deciding which laws to enforce and which to ignore, by choosing some words over others, and by appointing people who take specific actions, the President can have a major impact [...] [...]

Mixed Messages


For the Children


Separating Body and Soul

C.S. Lewis once wished we could go from the modern man back to pagans — at least pagans believed in something firmly enough that Christians could engage in a real conversation, a real apologetic, with them. But rather than a new paganism, the world seems to be in the thrall of something much worse: a [...] [...]

Why, Indeed?


Asymmetric Warfare


Our Love Affair with Fair

Two stories with no apparent relationship — making certain “good” teachers are spread “equally” throughout the schools, and the number of deaths in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Look, when militants in Gaza fire rockets at Israel, then Israel has a right to respond, but with some proportionality. More than 200 Gazans have [...] [...]

Visions of Me, Myself, and I

The vision of the left is not just a vision of the world. For many, it is also a vision of themselves — a very flattering vision of people trying to save the planet, rescue the exploited, create “social justice” and otherwise be on the side of the angels. This is an exalting vision that [...] [...]

Thursday Roundup

As always, my bookmarks runneth over. Time to clean them out. It’s interesting that those who collect your data are often afraid of you even seeing what they’re collecting. In this particular case, it relates to information collected by public schools in their students. I suspect this might have to do with fear of the information [...] [...]