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The Meaning of Privacy

Many of our political battles today — marriage, public schools, religious belief, homosexuality (and sexuality at large) — actually revolve, in the public sphere, around what you think “privacy” really means. The Federalist, for instance, recently pointed out: The left’s operational concept of freedom is that you are allowed to do and say what you like—so […] […]

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Jobs Americans Won’t Do


The Necessity of Relationship

The family is coming apart. From no-fault divorce to homosexual marriage to single’s rights to (the next logical step) the complete dissolution of all family bonds, we live in a culture that places no value on making and staying in relationships beyond their “useful lifetime.” This should not come as a surprise to anyone who […] […]

People with Armed Guards…




Judges 4: Tent Peg, Hammer, and Providence (Part 1)

Hazor had been destroyed once by Joshua, over a hundred years before — burned completely to the ground, its people and strength bereft. But Israel, in bowing to foreign gods, had also bowed to these people whose daughters they married. The Canaanites, on that strength, rebuilt Hazor, and there was a new Jabin ruling there. […] […]

Cloud Banking

31 […]