Linking To Logos 4

Note: This technique will work with Logos 5 just as well as Logos 4

For various reasons I don’t want to spend time on here, I don’t store any notes or clippings data within Logos. Instead, I store all of my notes and clippings in Microsoft OneNote, and use links between OneNote and Logos to connect the notes with the resources in Logos. There are two sorts of links you will want to be able to build if you choose to do this: forward links, or links from OneNote into Logos, and back links, or lings from Logos into OneNote.

The first kind of link is useful if you want to remember where you saw something, or be able to clip out a piece of text and easily reference it later. The second kind of link is useful if you want to remember that you made a note about something the next time you look at the resource again. For instance, if you make a note about Genesis 1:1, the next time you look at Genesis 1:1, you want to remember what your note, and be able to access it easily.

So there are two sets of instructions here, one for forward links, and one for back links. Neither of them are really hard, nor are they really easy — Logos could make this sort of thing much much easier by adding a few simple features. I don’t know if Logos will ever do so; what is shown here works today.

Forward Links

First, place the point in the resource at the top of the window in Logos. Wherever you copy the URL from, that is (generally speaking) where you’ll come back to when you click on this link in OneNote.

Second, grab the URL link to the text you want to link to. Click on the book icon on the upper left hand corner of the resource, and select “URL” from the “Copy Location As” line.

Finally, select the text you want to link to the Logos resource in OneNote. Right click the text, then select “Link,” and then paste the URL from Logos into the link box. When you close this box, if you press the “Control” key and click on the link, OneNote will call Logos, which will open to the spot in the resource you’ve indicated.

Back Links

I’ll start by saying that the way I have things arranged, I have one page of “notes links” per chapter of the Scriptures. This means that my “back link” into OneNote takes me to the page of notes about that chapter, rather than the specific verse. I don’t find it all too hard to deal with things from there.

First, create the page of notes for the chapter you’re working with in OneNote. Then, right click on the page or “note” tab on the right side of OneNote.

Third, create a new “Notes” file in Logos. I add “(links)” to the name of the notes, so I’ll know this is a set of links to notes in OneNote, rather than an actual set of notes.

Name the notes file in Logos,  then create a new note in the new notes file. Right click on the Scripture or other point in a resource you want to create a link from (into the OneNote file), and select “Add note to xxx.”

In the new note field, paste the link you copied in the first step from OneNote.

To use the link, open Logos and click on the note in the resource; this will bring up the associated notes file, which is just full of links. Pressing the “Control” key and clicking a link will bring up OneNote to the actual notes you stored there.