Just Another Day of Makin' Stuff Up

I often hear whining about how bloggers don’t do their research, or they don’t report all the facts, or whatever. But do we know how often the “mainstream” makes stuff up?

People walking the streets armed with guns must be dangerous, right? The Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center keep claiming that even those individuals who have legally obtained permits to carry concealed handguns are extremely dangerous. With millions of Americans already having been issued such permits from the various states, this is an important issue. The gun control organizations have frequently made these claims in the press. The Associated Press articles by Erik Schelzig and by Jim Abrams have given extensive, uncritical coverage. Members of the gun control organizations have made these claims unchallenged on such places as Fox News and on the Huffington Post. But the gun control advocates inaccurately describe many shooting cases, choosing to ignore that the majority of incidents involve people properly defending themselves. –BigGovernment

In other words, folks in support gun control just flat make stuff up, and various media outlets report it as if it’s fact. Folks in the Government aren’t much above making stuff up, either.

When President Barack Obama signed the latest bailout for spendthrift states and government unions, he claimed the $10 billion earmarked for education spending would save the jobs of 160,000 teachers. But as we pointed out before the bill was signed, this number was completely made up. Since local governments always exaggerate the number of government workers they will lay off, only a tiny fraction of teacher jobs was ever in real jeopardy. And even then, layoffs could have been avoided if teachers unions would have just agreed to pay freezes or cuts. Undaunted by this reality, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) took to the floor of the Senate last week and claimed that the state bailout bill would save 3,300 teaching jobs in her state alone. There is one problem, though. The Washington Professional Educators Standards Board surveyed school districts last spring and found that just 445 teachers in the entire state received reduction-in-force letters last spring. Oops. –Heritage

These folks are not only entitled to their own opinions, they’re entitled to their own facts, apparently. Of course, when you believe all facts are socially constructed, it’s not hard to get from a world of reality to a world of make believe, is it?

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