Federal Standards for Education

The New York Times reports that 27 states are planning to adopt the set of national standards developed by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) — standards being backed by the Obama administration with federal funds. … National standards — “federal norms” for what’s taught in your local school, as the Times puts it — represent a massive change in American education. Yet there has been virtually no public or legislative debate about this federal takeover. … The problem, ultimately, is that these national standards and tests are a distraction from what really needs to be done to improve education. They likely will lead to the standardization of mediocrity, undercutting states that model excellence through rigorous standards. They will certainly tend to align to the average among existing state standards.-Heritage

Should we really be looking to the government to “solve” our problems with the public schools? Or is this another instance where the government, in combination with private actors, have become an almost unbreakable interlocking wall against the vision and beliefs of the average person? The answer, of course, is that any such national standards will take away from the ability of parents to control the education of their children.

Perhaps most insidious of all, these national standards will come at the expense of parental control. Parents will have to relinquish the most powerful tool they currently have when it comes to their children’s education: control over the content of state standards and tests. National standards will further diminish parental authority in education, and the federal government will gain more control as a result.

But maybe this is the point; no revolution is perfected until it has the means to perpetuate itself; the only way to ensure that no other worldview will ever gain predominance in the US is to make certain that no-one can be taught anything other than what the current ruling class wants taught. If you want to make everyone just like you, then the best place to start is with control over the schools.

All of this is (again) why Christian parents should be taking their children out of the public schools. If we continue to support this institution, and people continue to accept that the public schools are the final and definite expression of the best education a child can get in the worldview realm, then these standards will, eventually, be enforced on all schools through some means or another, including religious schools and homeschool.

The time to fight this is now, before it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, and there is no hope of ever raising another generation that will think any way other than the elite want them to think.

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