About That Robot Revolution…

Over at Defense One, they’re postulating a “robot revolution.”

Even the smallest input that indicates that they’re performing their primary function better, faster, and at […]

Review — Complexity: A Guided Tour

Complexity: A Guided Tour Melanie Mitchel

If you’re curious about what the “cutting edge,” in evolutionary theory is, this book should be on your reading […]

Evolutionary Dogma

Entropy and Evolution

Of course the whole idea of compensation, whether by distant or nearby events, makes no sense logically: an extremely improbable event is not rendered less […]

Worldview Week 20: Considering Evolution

I’m blogging through a worldview class I’m teaching for our homeschool coop through the next year in this series of posts. Each week I’ll post […]

Evolution and Extrapolation

Here’s the background: In The Origin of Species, Darwin discussed the work of animal breeders, pigeon fanciers in particular. They might vary in coloring or […]

Evolution’s Lie

What is evolution’s foundational selling point to the world at large? Here is Bill Nye (the Science Guy) explaining why we should all believe in […]

A Very Good Question

You’ll recall from Casey’s post that “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is the fellow who warned recently in a viral video that parents who disbelieve […]

The Four Failures of Macro Evolution

Science is observable, testable, and repeatable. If something is not all three of these things, then it is not science, but rather a collection of […]

Evolution Proven?

Just about every time I discuss evolution with someone who really believes in it, one argument thrown out to prove evolution is DNA gene sequencing. […]