'Our' kids

What is it about the government and children? At one end of the spectrum, they want all adults to remain children forever. On the other […]

Hating on Free Speech

This is an astounding chart —

Remember the famous scene from Star Wars where the Republic dies in a stadium full of people clapping? […]


Progressively Failing

It’s rather humorous, in a way, to look back through history and consider just how unenlightened we consider so many of the civilizations that have […]


Case in point: The objective of the current propaganda war is to make progressives forget that Christians are real people. It seems to be […]

A Nation of Blue Dories

Double Standard

In case you’re wondering, the government has, in fact, sued trucking and other transportation (taxi, for instance) companies for forcing Muslim drivers to carry […]

Empire of Lies

Bill Whittle nails down the progressive litany of lies yet again. Reality, if you’re rich enough, is optional (you can pay people to make it […]

Teaching Intolerance

To set the stage: a school holds week long diversity celebration, in which students are supposed to wear a different color of shirt every day […]

The death of religious liberty

You can believe whatever you want, so long as you believe as I tell you to. From Al Mohler:

“So our debate about religious liberty […]