About That Robot Revolution…

Over at Defense One, they’re postulating a “robot revolution.” Even the smallest input that indicates that they’re performing their primary function better, faster, and at greater scale is enough to prompt them to keep doing more of that regardless of virtually every other consideration. That’s fine when you are talking about a simple program like Excel [...] [...]

Review — Complexity: A Guided Tour

Complexity: A Guided Tour Melanie Mitchel If you’re curious about what the “cutting edge,” in evolutionary theory is, this book should be on your reading list — for while it purports to be about complexity and complexity theory, it is actually an extended defense of evolutionary theory. Specifically, the author focuses on the idea that complexity is [...] [...]

The Culture of Conformity

In truth, the extraordinary rise of gay marriage speaks, not to a new spirit of liberty or equality on a par with the civil-rights movements of the 1960s, but rather to the political and moral conformism of our age; to the weirdly judgmental non-judgmentalism of our PC times; to the way in which, in an [...] [...]

Tolerate, Accept, Celebrate

The “work” of the radical is never done, it seems. In the 1960′s, the civil rights movement pushed — and pushed hard — to get rid of racial discrimination. Opposition to the wing of the Democratic Party known as the KKK was on the rise, finally resulting in the complete integration of the school system [...] [...]

Rights Verses Rights

When sexual rights go up against religious rights, what is the answer? According to the left, it’s simple. I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win. -gay activist, law professor, and EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum, quoted at TownHall The logic the left uses to get here seems to be [...] [...]

Why Sex and Race are Different

There is a common meme in our world today: Containing the sexual urges is like racism. These two things are just different ways in which we are overcoming the poor training (and religious repression) of our ancestors. By being less racist, and more sexually free, we’re becoming more evolved. But is this true? Every argument made in [...] [...]

Save or Control?


Is Technical Progress Human Progress?

“Up and to the right.” It’s the coy name a lot of folks give to those ubiquitous charts that always show up in every presentation. The line always seems to move up and to the right. If we were to chart technology, it, too, would be “up and to the right.” Every day we have a [...] [...]

Scorched Earth Policy

Whenever liberals are in a tight spot, they adopt the scorched-earth policy of argumentation. With no answer, they start demanding that you define words: What do you mean “liberal”? What do you mean “democracy”? What do you mean “patriotism”? They retreat from argument, burning the English language as they go. -TownHall [...]

Why Give Up Freedom?

Freedom is clearly in decline. Outside the United States, China, Russia, Syria, and Iran are all on the move, crushing freedoms and people like flies. All the while, we stand idle, not much caring about the cries of those being placed under the massive wheels of dictatorial power. Islam, that most unfree religion, has pretty much [...] [...]