Separating Body and Soul

C.S. Lewis once wished we could go from the modern man back to pagans — at least pagans believed in something firmly enough that Christians could engage in a real conversation, a real apologetic, with them. But rather than a new paganism, the world seems to be in the thrall of something much worse: a [...] [...]

Marriage and the Slippery Slope

Is gay marriage a slippery slope? Proponents of gay marriage say, “no,” and propose two simple arguments: First, people are born gay, hence they have the right to get married. The process won’t go any farther because people aren’t born any other way than straight or gay. Second, those who can’t consent to sex can’t [...] [...]

Lessons Learned: the Great Pacific Garbage Hoax

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch stretches for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean, forming a nebulous, floating junk yard on the high seas. It’s the poster child for a worldwide problem: plastic that begins in human hands yet ends up in the ocean, often inside animals’ stomachs or around their necks. This marine [...] [...]

War Against Reality

Should we assign children their gender at birth? If this question seems trivial, or nonsensical, then you’re way behind the curve of modern thinking. Slate argues that we shouldn’t — in fact, that’s it’s harmful to look at the body of that newborn and say, “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy.” We tell our children, [...] [...]

Surprise: Politics, Power, and Money Go Together

And like the stuff that expands to fill the space we have, government expands to fill the power it’s given. Eventually government becomes a self-replicating machine. Government always grows, sometimes even more rapidly under Republican than under Democratic presidents. But under President Obama we are seeing something a little different — the creation of a partisan, [...] [...]


It should be fairly obvious — to anyone who actually thinks — that materialism is a muddled worldview. As an apologetic challenge, the true materialist is about the easiest foe you can face, for it is a completely self defeating line of thinking. It all comes down to this simple statement: If you truly believe that [...] [...]

What a Tyrant Needs

It is often true in history that the storming of the Bastille is quickly followed by the Terror, and then the Directorate. In Russia, the communist revolution was followed by the purges of Stalin and Lenin, the starving of millions in the countryside, and the exile to Siberia. In Cambodia the communist revolution left the [...] [...]

The Wrong Side of History

“If you oppose gay marriage, you are on the wrong side of history.” “If you oppose climate change legislation, you’re on the wrong side of history.” “If you oppose equal pay for equal work, you’re on the wrong side of history.” What does it mean to be “on the wrong side of history?” Does history even have “sides?” [...] [...]

Know-it-all Liberals

When arguing with a progressive, there is one common pattern that always emerges. You get to the point where a crucial line is about to be crossed, where logic demands that the progressive sees the logical inconsistency of their position, and a sudden shift takes place. All of a sudden the argument either becomes about [...] [...]

Science and the Final Word

The mad scramble to use science as the “final word” for everything has reached its peak. From the broadest public policy to the most intimate details of our personal lives, we look to science to answer every possible question, to resolve every possible conundrum. As Matthew Lu states: In short, since nearly everybody—left and right—agrees that “science” [...] [...]