The Meaning of Privacy

Many of our political battles today — marriage, public schools, religious belief, homosexuality (and sexuality at large) — actually revolve, in the public sphere, around […]

Confused About Sex?

You should be.

Being homosexual is not something a person chooses, so denying homosexuals marriage is a rights violation akin to racism. After all, if […]

Store Private Data Here

Lab Rat

BCP: Thursday, 26 June Edition

It’s that time again — time for me to clear my bookmarks out. So, forthwith, an odd collection of quotes and stories. Yes, it’s shameless […]

The End of the Free Internet

Today marks the beginning of the end for the Internet as we know it. Over the next generation, the Internet as we know it will […]

You Still Think it’s About the Data?

Funneling a steady stream of diversions straight to your pocket, smartphones are often cast as the ultimate distractors. But a University of Michigan engineering professor […]

Liberal Agression in the Culture War

Both companies suing the government under Obamacare have no objection to providing insurance plans that cover the cost of birth control pills and other forms […]

If Something is Free…

I guess very few people really work for free. We all do for the family, charity or clubs but basically when we work for a […]

Privacy and the Threat to the Self

To get a sense of what I mean, imagine that I could telepathically read all your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings — I could […]