Our Love Affair with Fair

Two stories with no apparent relationship — making certain “good” teachers are spread “equally” throughout the schools, and the number of deaths in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Look, when militants in Gaza fire rockets at Israel, then Israel has a right to respond, but with some proportionality. More than 200 Gazans have [...] [...]

Visions of Me, Myself, and I

The vision of the left is not just a vision of the world. For many, it is also a vision of themselves — a very flattering vision of people trying to save the planet, rescue the exploited, create “social justice” and otherwise be on the side of the angels. This is an exalting vision that [...] [...]

Executing the Law


Our Self Centered Selflessness

So let’s say you want to start a business — maybe an ice cream store. You go through the process of finding a location, looking at suppliers, examine what sort of ice cream to sell, etc. Then you start the actual process of starting the process, and run into the wall of bureaucratic forms, regulations, [...] [...]

Marriage and the Slippery Slope

Is gay marriage a slippery slope? Proponents of gay marriage say, “no,” and propose two simple arguments: First, people are born gay, hence they have the right to get married. The process won’t go any farther because people aren’t born any other way than straight or gay. Second, those who can’t consent to sex can’t [...] [...]

Thursday BCP

Welcome to Thursday, and the regular edition of the BCP — the bookmark clearing project. Sometimes I get so much gunk in my bookmarks, and so little time to write about each one, that I just push them all into one post. Feel free to talk about anything else you’ve not seen here this week, [...] [...]

Affordable Birth Control


War on Poverty

Both President John F. Kennedy, who launched the proposal for a “war on poverty” and his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, who guided the legislation through Congress and then signed it into law, were very explicit as to what the “war on poverty” was intended to accomplish. Its mission was not simply to prove that spending [...] [...]

Mountains and Molehills and Redskins

Among all the professional football teams in the US (not the soccer kind of football, the football kind of football — you know the one, with all the head injuries and performance enhancing drugs and stuff?) there is one the progressive mind finds intolerable. Literally. I’m certain you know what I’m talking about: the hated [...] [...]

Lab Rat