Friday Leftovers

Yum yum… My bookmarks need clearing out every Friday, and you get the leftovers — whether you like them or not. The “correlation is not causation: fallacy explained in terms of global climate change. Of course, you’re not likely to hear about this on any sort of mainstream news media outlet because the researcher [...] [...]

Not Anti-Semitic


Just Because He’s Black


NYT On the Warsaw Ghetto Rising


Thursday Review

One of the interesting things about Progressives is that they often don’t even consider any alternate view outside their blinder-narrowed field of vision. For instance, in the words of on Obamacare Navigator (who we pay to help get people to sign up for Obamacare): “I just thought it was very wrong that people didn’t have health [...] [...]

The Progressive Gaffe Machine

What happens when you believe reality is optional? What generally happens is that awkward moment when reality intrudes. Jonathan Gruber is something of an “important person” in the progressive world — in fact, he’s the architect of Obamacare, and an economist at that fount of knowledge known as MIT. After the recent could ruling stating that [...] [...]

Human Shields


Progressive Xenophobia Rising

Every now and then an incident occurs that so completely exposes the worldview of the person involved that it deserves to become iconic (whether or not it actually does). One particular incident stands out in the recent past, though few people have heard of it, or paid attention. The background is this: A pair of sisters [...] [...]

Unemployment Under Various Presidents

While the President really shouldn’t have much to do with unemployment, the sad reality is that we live in a country where he does. By deciding which laws to enforce and which to ignore, by choosing some words over others, and by appointing people who take specific actions, the President can have a major impact [...] [...]

Mixed Messages