It’s Leftovers Time

In case you didn’t see this: a school teacher gave an assignment asking her class to compare Bush to Hitler, specifically the similarities between the two. Aren’t you glad we have public schools to teach us all the important stuff? The one thing the progressive movement always needs, and always needs lots of, is enemies. There [...] [...]

Andrew Klavan on Microagression


The Ultimate End of Equality of Outcomes

A consistent leftist egalitarian would recognize that there is no principled ground for not taxing every red cent of either the wealthiest “one percent” or, for that matter, of that earned by anyone else. There may be prudential reasons for drawing an arbitrary line at some tax rate or other. In principle, however, if it [...] [...]

Wherever We Can, We Follow the Law

I’ve often written about the rising lawlessness in these pages… For instance, here I compared lawlessness to kudzu, the infamous plant brought to the Southeastern United States with all the best intentions in the world, and yet that has ultimately caused a lot of problems. Here I wrote about teachers helping students cheat on standardized [...] [...]

Friday Leftovers! (and no, it’s not chicken and dumplings)

We are truly stupid when we’re proud that we don’t read books. But then again, stupid is the new smart. Particularly when it comes to the Scriptures — clearly even those who hold high office can’t be expected to read, and understand, those esoteric writings that inform the faith of millions. “I don’t read books,” a [...] [...]

The Power of Unintended Consequences, Example Number 9,486,545


The Creeping Kudzu of Lawlessness

Kudzu — the very word strikes fear into the heart of anyone who’s ever had to face even a small patch of the stuff. Imported into the Southern United States many years ago as a firebreak against erosion, it has since become a menace. I remember my Grandfather built an arbor and grew Kudzu up [...] [...]

Liberal Logic on Guns


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Tobacco Versus Pot