Income Inequality

To wit:

It’s sort of hard to feel bad for a group of women who made more money this year than you will in […]

A Nation of Laws, But…

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it – the president of the United States said, “We’re a […]

Good Question

Trust Us…

Friday Round Up

Global Chilling: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers is a new report demonstrating the damaging impact of surveillance by the United States […]

Why we have Deficits

This last graph shows the essence of our budget problem. It reveals that the barriers confronting those who want to see more federal spending […]

Wolves with Bunnies

Multiculturalism only really works when everyone respects life as life — the problem is that many worldviews don’t — actually — respect life, as […]

We Can’t Have People Owning Cannons!

One of the cries of the progressive left is that we need “reasonable” gun control. After all, “assault weapons” are “made for war,” and “don’t […]


Friday the 13th

It’s not just for bad luck, it’s also for clearing all those bookmarks I’ve been saving and just haven’t gotten around to writing about.

The […]