Government Knows Best? We've Already Run that Experiment

One of the more fundamental points on which modern political discourse is founded. Can individuals be trusted to do the right thing, or must the government step in to ensure people do the right thing, because individual people can’t really be trusted? Should the government decide what “consent” means, for instance? Or what a person [...] [...]

The Party of Who?

Democrats are the party of the average person. The person who pays taxes, and cares about real people, people in unions, people who get their hands dirty — these are Democrats. Republicans are the party of big business. The person who sits in an office and makes a ton of money by getting government favors, [...] [...]

I’m from the Government, and We have it Covered


Confused About Sex?

You should be. Being homosexual is not something a person chooses, so denying homosexuals marriage is a rights violation akin to racism. After all, if you’re “born that way,” and your sexual orientation is encoded in your body from birth, then how can anyone discriminate against you? Further, homosexuals can’t “convert” those who are “born straight.” On [...] [...]

You’re Covered

Congress passed the law for us. Now we’re finding out what’s in it. Want to opt out? Join a union or run for congress. [...]

Violence Against Women


Undocumented Tourist


From the Fridge

Another week, another week of bookmarks I never got to writing about… And so, we open the fridge, clear away all the fuzzy green stuff, and dig out the leftovers. American leadership has been in the thrall of “spreading Democracy” for decades, and it’s probable the “Democratic” party actually gets a boost from using the word [...] [...]

Securing the Border


Modern Racism

This ain’t your father’s racism, that’s for certain… [...]