On the Da Vinci Code

On The Golden Book of the Christian Life

On The Imitation of Christ

On Augustine's Confessions

Paper: Discipleship in a Small Group

Discipleship Training in a Small Group

I wrote this 16 page paper as part of a Biblical Discipleship class at Shepherds Theological Seminary. The point […]

Paper: Three Discipleship Books

I recently had to complete three short papers providing reflective reviews on three different books on discipleship for Biblical Discipleship. The three books are: Growing […]

Two Short Papers on Edwards and Moller

I’ve posted two very short papers over on my papers page for anyone who’s interested.

A Review of Edwards’ An Humble Inquiry

This is […]

Paper: Review of Apologetic Methods

I’ve posted one of the two papers I wrote for the class I took in apologetics; it’s a review of the five apologetic methods commonly […]

Paper: Adoption in the Dispensations

For those who haven’t hung around here long, I am currently working on my Masters of Divinity at Shepherds Theological Seminary. Which means I must […]