Friday Leftovers

Yum yum… My bookmarks need clearing out every Friday, and you get the leftovers — whether you like them or not. The “correlation is not causation: fallacy explained in terms of global climate change. Of course, you’re not likely to hear about this on any sort of mainstream news media outlet because the researcher who’s […] […]

Progressive Logic on Terrorism


Center of Attention


Impressions of Greenland

From the South to Greenland is a difficult journey — as difficult as any journey by air can be in our modern world. Raleigh to Philadelphia, Philadelphia to Ottawa, Ottawa to Iqaluit, and finally, on a small top wing turboprop, a jump across the cold northern Atlantic waters (with thoughts of the Titanic) to Nuuk. […] […]

Taught to Think

I don’t believe you really can be “taught to think,” not really. Like all other skills, it comes from practice. At some point students can — or must — begin teaching themselves. At least, if they’re to become true students. -Ace of Spades […]

On the Granting of Rights

Perhaps the most fundamental misconception Americans have about the Constitution is that it “grants them rights.” You hear this every time someone refers to their “Constitutional right to free speech.” What is says is we are endowed by our Creator (however and whether we view Creators) with certain unalieanable rights – which means we can’t […] […]

Genetically Modified?

In case you’re wondering, this is what some of our common foods — things we rely on every day — would look like if they hadn’t been genetically modified over the last few thousand years. Appetizing, right? […]

Around the Web

if you think you have no privacy now, just wait. Consider the day when you are walking through the grocery store and a sign on the aisle starts talking to you. “John, you know the last time you bought fruit loops was two months ago, and you know your kids love fruit loops.” The entire […] […]

Around the Web

To wit: when you’re watched by a dog, you know that what you’re doing will go no further than the dog. The dog can’t remember the details of what you’ve done. The dog can’t tell anyone else. When you’re watched by a computer, that’s not true. You might be told that the computer isn’t saving […] […]

He is Risen!