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The progressive left will tell you, worldwide, that conservatives are for big business, and liberals are for the “little guy.” They’ll tell you how much they care about you, because you’re an individual, while, “the right, you know, just cares about their buddies in the boardrooms.” If you pay attention, though, you can see right through this nonsense in pretty short order. For instance: the unions, paragons of the far left progressive movement, hate small businesses. There’s no other way to put it, given their love of deep regulations, and dislike of the franchise model that gets so many small businesses started. And it’s always interesting to figure out who really pays for all that leftist propaganda that’s being spread everywhere.

36-chesterfield-cigarettes-are-good-for-you-adIf you think you’re fat because you eat a lot of fat, you’re wrong. In fact, most of the common, everyday lore around eating fat and it’s relationship to our health is based on flawed research. The problem is we often have “science says,” followed by, “oops!” We shouldn’t be surprised by this, given the nature of science — but we so desperately want a final source of truth other than God, we’re willing to put up with almost anything.

Conservatives and Christians shouldn’t mourn the inexorable process of legalizing homosexual marriage — rather they should mourn the inexorable process of trivializing human relationships to the point where it’s all just “for me.” From the Bachelor to the Bachelorette to homosexual marriage, our culture makes marriage into just another form of self centered “me-ness.” And now, the next stage in the downward spiral has arrive, in the form of a show called Married at First Sight, about couples who have never met getting married, and then deciding after a couple of weeks of living together if they want to remain that way.

If you really want to understand Gaza, then you need to understand two numbers: 14% and 18%. Pay attention to the first comment on the post — progressive thought in action.

The words “safe” and “sex” have been put together so often in our culture that we don’t even think to challenge their living right next to each other. The truth is, though, that by telling children sex can be “safe,” we are destroying almost everything about sex itself. We are destroying the mystery, the emotional entwining, and yes, the danger involved in sex (making babies is a dangerous thing). So let’s stop calling it “safe sex.”

If you think unions are all about preserving working conditions, you’re right. The real question is: who’s working conditions? If the union rep is on the payroll of the boss, who’s he really representing? Or is he just a token the company can point to and say, “see, we care?”

It’s time to recognize a simple fact: The world is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic. In fact, the world is becoming increasingly hateful of all things Jewish, including serious conservative Christianity, which has its roots in the Tanakh.

Think you understand the greenhouse effect, and therefore the entire “global climate change” problem? Think again, because you’re wrong. And it’s proven by real science.

We’re all shocked — SHOCKED! — at the college rape culture. Of course, we’re not shocked at the hookup and casual sex culture, which teaches that human bodies are simply pleasure centers to be used for whatever feels good. Sure, let’s make every human into an object, a simple product of evolution, just another form of ape — can’t be any harm in that, right?


Thursday Roundup

As always, my bookmarks runneth over. Time to clean them out.

It’s interesting that those who collect your data are often afraid of you even seeing what they’re collecting. In this particular case, it relates to information collected by public schools in their students. I suspect this might have to do with fear of the information being incorrect, or being required to build a process that allows you to fix what they’ve collected (or contest it), but I don’t think that’s all there is to it. The main reason I think they’re afraid to let you see the information is they realize just how intrusive the data collection efforts will appear when you really get a chance to see what they’ve collected.

Some folks on the progressive side of Israeli politics are suddenly discovering that language is the first thing to fall to thugs and bullies. There’s a difference between what Israel means when using the words “two state solution,” and what the Palestinians means. The problem is, of course, there’s an existential problem with progressives discovering someone else has been playing the same games with language they play all the time. If they fuss about their being duped by word games, then they are fussing about doing what they actually do. It’s not a comfortable situation to be in, I’m certain. Progressives don’t mind lies, so long as its not their ox being gored.

Another thing bullies always says — if they’re losing — is, “I didn’t mean to start a fight.” Really, I didn’t expect that firing those 600 missiles into the cities of a nation that supplies just about every scrap of food, fuel, and employment for my entire population might cause them to at least try and do something about it. Not that they’re celebrating their destruction of the lives of ordinary people or anything.

If you ever doubted that progressivism is a religious belief system that cannot, and will not, tolerate anything other than strict adherence to it’s orthodoxies, the results of the Hobby Lobby case should open your eyes. Five white Catholic men who seek total cultural and political domination by refusing to force a company to pay for completely voluntary medical treatments that could be avoided by learning some self control, and aren’t any more expensive than a weekly trip to the coffee shop. The horrors of Christian domination know no bounds.

The world is full of myths about monogamy; this article takes six of them apart in some detail. My favorite line is this:

Other Animals Aren’t Monogamous, So Humans Need Not Be Monogamous. Other animals also have scales, lack opposable thumbs, and are generally poor conversationalists. Higher-order thinking and awareness of one’s own mortality are also unique features of the human species. Despite that, this is a reliable feature of every single call to end monogamy.

The only mistake in this reasoning is that progressives really do think humans are “just another animal,” so they don’t see the problem with the line of logic they’re using here.

Sometimes the facts so obvious that the progressive media must do everything they can to keep them under wraps. How many times can you write about the murder of a teacher in front of a class of kids, and use euphemisms to avoid saying the killer is Muslim?

What do you get when you think politics doesn’t matter? Or, thinking politics does matter, think it mostly matters to get freebies from the government? Obama. And Obama’s chickens, so to speak, are coming home to roost. Only we’re going to be roost in this case, while Obama goes off into a multimillion dollar retirement, or some prominent post at the EU.

We often worry about the nature of our information culture — specifically, how easy it is to build yourself an information stream that only contains things you agree with. You might think that folks in the media would counter this trend, reading broadly, and learning as much as they can. You would be wrong. Folks who work in the media are breathtakingly ignorant of very basic things. It’s not so much that they are ignorant, of course, it’s that they are intentionally, willfully ignorant.

Progressives want the government out of their bedrooms. Unless, that is, they want businesses in their bedrooms, giving them free birth control. Then they want government in the business’ business telling them to get in their bedrooms so the progressives can do what they like in their bedrooms (and everywhere else) without any consequences — and remember, it’s none of your business what I want the government to force businesses to pay for. Got it? One problem. If the government gives you contraception, the government can take it away.

Priceless: the moment you discover a major group raising money to fight “dark money” in politics is funded by… (drum roll)… dark money.

So you think that anti-depressant is really helping? Maybe, maybe not. There’s a crisis in modern psychology, in case you didn’t know.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re really not watching you. Or rather listening — the facebook app is soon to be yet another passive listener on your phone, trying to figure out what you’re doing so they can automatically post information about where you are and what you’re doing when you post an update.

But the true reason that user-oriented praise and criticism of the Internet are alike misguided is that smartphones are not just windows into the world. They are, by their nature as a digitizing medium, windows into us. –Intercollegiate Review


It must be Easter

How can you tell that Holy Week is approaching? Well, I hope that you’ve been observing Lent, and that you always keep an eye on the liturgical calendar. But even if you don’t, you can tell we’re getting close to Easter because a secular publication has given prominence to a flimsy argument against traditional Christian beliefs. –CatholicCulture


Notable Reads

And these two videos are well worth watching.



Notable Reads

A collection of stuff worth pointing out.


Occupy Wall Street: Protesting in Ignorance

Before you protest, learn something. For instance, if you’re going to go around saying the top tax rate is too low, shouldn’t you know what the top tax rate is? Or if you’re going to say the government spends too much on wars, shouldn’t you know how much the government actually spends on wars?

Apparently the answer is no.

The mainstream media is fawning over these people –why?

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