Friday the 15th Leftovers

The progressive left will tell you, worldwide, that conservatives are for big business, and liberals are for the “little guy.” They’ll tell you how much […]

Thursday Roundup

As always, my bookmarks runneth over. Time to clean them out.

It’s interesting that those who collect your data are often afraid of you even […]

It must be Easter

How can you tell that Holy Week is approaching? Well, I hope that you’ve been observing Lent, and that you always keep an eye on […]

Worth Reading: Catholics Under Fire

In reality, this should be called Christians Under Fire, because it’s only a matter of time before all Christian churches and schools are impacted by […]

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show […]

Video: Arab Spring in Egypt

Why is Occupy Wall Street Anti-Semitic?

You Know, I’m Like Protesting…

You Know, I'm Like Protesting…

Notable Reads

Objectification has consequences: The Moral Crisis in over at Melanie Philips The Beer Theory of Taxes, over at Bookworm Room The Occupiers Don’t Like […]