On Not Believing God


It should be fairly obvious — to anyone who actually thinks — that materialism is a muddled worldview. As an apologetic challenge, the true materialist […]

The Freedom to Think

Assume, for a moment, that you’re looking for a job. Maybe this isn’t an assumption for you — maybe you really are looking for a […]

Jewish Charity

In Judaism, the idea of charity focuses on the donor and his relationship with the poor, not on the recipient. Its aim is to cultivate […]

BCP: Thursday 19 June

I bookmark a lot of stories and sites that I never get around to really writing about… So, forthwith, an attempt to clean out my […]

The End of Science

In short, since nearly everybody—left and right—agrees that “science” is “objective,” having the weight of “settled science” on one’s side has become practically the only […]

Liberal Disarmament

Liberals can be disarming. In fact, they are for disarming anybody who can be disarmed, whether domestically or internationally. Unfortunately, the people who are the […]

Tax Day Thoughts (A Day Late)

Alas, on tax day, even those who tend to think of wealth redistribution as some high form of Christian charity still try to come out […]

Why Sex and Race are Different

There is a common meme in our world today: Containing the sexual urges is like racism. These two things are just different ways in which […]

Is Technical Progress Human Progress?

“Up and to the right.”

It’s the coy name a lot of folks give to those ubiquitous charts that always show up in every presentation. […]