Compassion for the Stranger

Some in religious circles are invoking the Biblical verse “Thou shalt not afflict the stranger” as justification for awarding illegal immigrants a full basket of ongoing social services, as well as a “fast track to citizenship,” which others think is but a euphemism for amnesty. In all matters, the Bible teaches discernment, and there is [...] [...]

Ending Poverty?

Should Christians work to end poverty, or to reduce it’s effects? While it’s not a question we often raise within the Christian community, it’s really a huge issue that needs to be addressed, because it impacts the scale and meaning of the “efforts of mercy” that Christians engage in throughout the world. If our goal [...] [...]


Not many people, I suppose, would flinch at a line like this one: This neighborhood is great because it’s one third black, one third latino, and one third white! Especially when the speaker is a young member of a church that’s doing a lot of work in the inner city, building a neighborhood where nothing but fear [...] [...]

Is This Compassion?

Is this compassion? …since Obama took office, taxpayers have spent $3.7 trillion on welfare – more than transportation, education and NASA combined. Moreover, that amount does not include Social Security or Medicare, both of which recipients paid into. Rather, it only covers the “means-tested” programs, which are free, income-based benefits. -Patriot Post Isn’t giving money to the [...] [...]

Practicing Gratitude

The virtually abandoned practice of saying grace at mealtimes is a training in being grateful for the many things we now take for granted. Rights are different. No one need be grateful for a right. Rights are not the result of charity; they are not gifts, they are things you may bang the table about [...] [...]

Four Lies

In the battle for culture …. we’ve got to overcome four key lies the secular Left has sold successive generations since the Baby Boom. … First, you can rebel through conformity. Did you know that our great centers of artistic expression, rebellion, and learning are less ideologically diverse than your typical Evangelical mega-church? It’s true. [...] [...]

On Reading Good Books

If you don’t read good books, you will read bad ones. If you don’t go on thinking rationally, you will think irrationally. If you reject aesthetic satisfactions, you will fall into sensual satisfactions. -C.S. Lewis, Learning in War Time [...]

Charity and Relationship

The classical Christian view of private ownership and the accumulation of wealth is grounded in a theology that rejects the idea of man’s absolute dominion over the things of this world. As a religion that places God at the center of everything, Christianity insists that God’s dominion over the world qualifies man’s dominion. -Judaism, Law, [...] [...]

Rethinking the Foundations of Charity

How deeply have we thought, in protestant (especially conservative) circles about the relationship between money, social policy, and our Christian worldview? Have we truly critiqued our beliefs, and checked them against what the Scriptures actually say, rather than what sounds nice rolling off the tongue? As one Jewish writer, Joseph Lifshitz, says: The classical Christian view of [...] [...]

It’s not the Data

A lot of people think the NSA’s Prism project, snorking up tons of information “just in case we need it,” isn’t really that big of a deal. After all, “who can analyze all that data, and make sense of it, or bring it down to my level?” Or, “who really reads all this stuff?” But if [...] [...]