The End of Science

In short, since nearly everybody—left and right—agrees that “science” is “objective,” having the weight of “settled science” on one’s side has become practically the only trump card in highly contested debates of public policy. That’s exactly what’s going on in climate change debates as well, which is why the left is so keen to invoke […] […]

Liberal Disarmament

Liberals can be disarming. In fact, they are for disarming anybody who can be disarmed, whether domestically or internationally. Unfortunately, the people who are the easiest to disarm are the ones who are the most peaceful — and disarming them makes them vulnerable to those who are the least peaceful. We are currently getting a […] […]

Tax Day Thoughts (A Day Late)

Alas, on tax day, even those who tend to think of wealth redistribution as some high form of Christian charity still try to come out on top, most likely believing that, when push comes to shove, they know how to spend their money more wisely than our bloated federal government. And, despite their conflicting cries […] […]

Why Sex and Race are Different

There is a common meme in our world today: Containing the sexual urges is like racism. These two things are just different ways in which we are overcoming the poor training (and religious repression) of our ancestors. By being less racist, and more sexually free, we’re becoming more evolved. But is this true? Every argument made in […] […]

Is Technical Progress Human Progress?

“Up and to the right.” It’s the coy name a lot of folks give to those ubiquitous charts that always show up in every presentation. The line always seems to move up and to the right. If we were to chart technology, it, too, would be “up and to the right.” Every day we have a […] […]

Mining the Work Ethic

How can any work ethic connected to such dimming of cognitive function produce anything worth having? Any culture that celebrates the loss of sleep as a virtue must inevitably become a backwater of degraded thoughts and fragile idealism that can’t survive without the struts of venture capital, eager to inflate market value to the point […] […]

Noah What?

What if… A new movie is shot showing the entire Dr. Martin Luther King story from another angle. Every time Dr. King appears on the screen, violence ensues. Parts and pieces of his letters are taken out of context to make him seem like a violent man. His relationship with Malcom X, and the attendant […] […]

Failing the Family

Of course not! We have watched the family fail. Or have we failed the family? I think it is the latter. We approach marriage as a contract based on mutual consent (that can be unceremoniously broken), children are an optional part of marriage, no-fault divorce is simple as changing health insurance plans, and sexualized culture […] […]

Refrain from Anger

The hydraulic model of anger is just what it sounds like – anger builds up inside the mind until you let off some steam. If you don’t let off this steam, the boiler will burst. If you don’t vent the pressure, someone is going to get a beating. … If you think catharsis is good, […] […]

Tyranny of the Immediate

We all know the tyranny of the immediate. We must get that email done, we must respond to this tweet, we must watch that ball game… Because it’s in front of us right now, we must take action right now to… Well, whatever it is. But there is another side to this tyranny, one we […] […]