Review: Crazy Busy

Crazy Busy Kevin DeYoung Amazon Hello, My Name is Busy As the title of DeYoung’s first chapter, this aptly describes the life of just about everyone I know. Even people who are “retired,” will tell you, on being asked how they are, just how busy their lives are. It seems we are obsessed with business, like other cultures might [...] [...]

You Are What You Watch

Our entertainment is filled with negative images. The average American home has the television on seven hours per day, and it brings in very little love or courtesy or consideration. Instead we are filled with news reports, dramas, and comedies that explore nothing but ruthlessness, innuendo, and bravado. There are no tender emotions on television. [...] [...]

Freedom to Flourish


A Matter of Focus

I remember learning to ride a bike as a young boy and fearing trees. It seems that I would focus all my attention on the tree in front of me, and I would hit it every time. It occurred to me that to avoid hitting the tree I had to look elsewhere, so I began [...] [...]

Would a Miracle Convince?

If God would only write my name across the sky, or heal my sick grandmother, or… Do something, then I might believe. Yeah, right. One of the lessons from the life of Jesus is that people will not turn to God simply because they see a miracle. Instead, they will simply ask for another miracle. So God [...] [...]

The Will of God

God is not a magician. Our theology tells us that God loves us enough that He sent His Son to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. So does it make sense that He would play some sort of game with His children, hiding His will? Is it logical that the [...] [...]

Engage! Engage?

As I peruse articles online, I often find a statement such as this: The reason culture is so bad is because so few Christians participate in the arts, music, or just about thing cultural. What we need is some great Christian artists, movie makers, singers, and song writers, to engage in the culture on its own [...] [...]

Lack of Trust

If we didn’t already know Americans have changed quite a bit over the last 40 years, we certainly do now. Unfortunately since 1972 Americans have become less trusting of one another. No, this is not a reflection of how we feel about big government or big business. This is a gauge of how Americans feel [...] [...]

Compassion for the Stranger

Some in religious circles are invoking the Biblical verse “Thou shalt not afflict the stranger” as justification for awarding illegal immigrants a full basket of ongoing social services, as well as a “fast track to citizenship,” which others think is but a euphemism for amnesty. In all matters, the Bible teaches discernment, and there is [...] [...]

Ending Poverty?

Should Christians work to end poverty, or to reduce it’s effects? While it’s not a question we often raise within the Christian community, it’s really a huge issue that needs to be addressed, because it impacts the scale and meaning of the “efforts of mercy” that Christians engage in throughout the world. If our goal [...] [...]