Our Love Affair with Fair

Two stories with no apparent relationship — making certain “good” teachers are spread “equally” throughout the schools, and the number of deaths in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Look, when militants in Gaza fire rockets at Israel, then Israel has a right to respond, but with some proportionality. More than 200 Gazans have [...] [...]

Our Self Centered Selflessness

So let’s say you want to start a business — maybe an ice cream store. You go through the process of finding a location, looking at suppliers, examine what sort of ice cream to sell, etc. Then you start the actual process of starting the process, and run into the wall of bureaucratic forms, regulations, [...] [...]

On Not Believing God



It should be fairly obvious — to anyone who actually thinks — that materialism is a muddled worldview. As an apologetic challenge, the true materialist is about the easiest foe you can face, for it is a completely self defeating line of thinking. It all comes down to this simple statement: If you truly believe that [...] [...]

The Freedom to Think

Assume, for a moment, that you’re looking for a job. Maybe this isn’t an assumption for you — maybe you really are looking for a job. What might you list on your resume to make yourself an attractive employee to a potential employer? Projects you’ve worked on, skills you’ve developed, charity work you’ve engaged in, [...] [...]

Jewish Charity

In Judaism, the idea of charity focuses on the donor and his relationship with the poor, not on the recipient. Its aim is to cultivate a sense of responsibility, as a moral and religious obligation. For this reason, the rabbis maintained that the donor should favor his relatives over strangers: “When choosing between your own [...] [...]

BCP: Thursday 19 June

I bookmark a lot of stories and sites that I never get around to really writing about… So, forthwith, an attempt to clean out my bookmarks folder, introducing the Bookmark Clearing Project, or BCP. Sex forever seems to be the “top story” among today’s movers and shakers (I would say “thinkers,” but that would be a [...] [...]

The End of Science

In short, since nearly everybody—left and right—agrees that “science” is “objective,” having the weight of “settled science” on one’s side has become practically the only trump card in highly contested debates of public policy. That’s exactly what’s going on in climate change debates as well, which is why the left is so keen to invoke [...] [...]

Liberal Disarmament

Liberals can be disarming. In fact, they are for disarming anybody who can be disarmed, whether domestically or internationally. Unfortunately, the people who are the easiest to disarm are the ones who are the most peaceful — and disarming them makes them vulnerable to those who are the least peaceful. We are currently getting a [...] [...]

Tax Day Thoughts (A Day Late)

Alas, on tax day, even those who tend to think of wealth redistribution as some high form of Christian charity still try to come out on top, most likely believing that, when push comes to shove, they know how to spend their money more wisely than our bloated federal government. And, despite their conflicting cries [...] [...]