Sexuality != Race

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “gay is the new black.”

Let’s assume it’s true for a moment, and follow the logic chain to see where we come out. First, let’s accept that being gay, whether or not it’s genetic, is still a behavior. In other words, whether or not you’re inclined, genetically, to be gay, sex (of any sort) is still something you do — in fact, it’s something you choose to do. “Gay is the new black,” does not distinguish between genetic inclination and the choice to pursue some line of action. As someone on Acton’s blog recently said,

A person may or may not choose sexual orientation (science has yet to figure that out), but a person does choose behavior. -Acton

What does this mean?

First, if “gay is the new black,” then the racists were right to tie the color of a person’s skin, through their genetics, to their actions. If a person can’t help but to engage in gay sex, then a person with a particular skin color might not be able to help but to engage in other acts. That people of certain skin colors are tied to specific behavior patterns which they cannot avoid is the entire foundation of racism. So, “gay is the new black,” is actually racism in a new form.

Second, if “gay is the new black,” then we, as a culture, must admit that some specific forms of action are genetically determined, and therefore cannot be morally condemned. Are we truly prepared to say that for any and all actions for which we can find a genetic marker, should be considerable acceptable under law? Are we ready to extend the same recognition, to say, rape?

If we aren’t prepared to accept these results, then we should stop saying, “gay is the new black.” Regardless of your position on homosexuality or homosexual marriage, this conflating of race with sexual behavior is bad all around.

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