The Tolerance of Atheism

This image was posted this last week on the “Why Evolution is True,” blog, under the words:

Although accommodationists and theologians are always calling for a dialogue between science and religion, this is the only kind of dialogue possible…

In case you don’t get the references, this is the story about the human dropped from space, and here is the story about the 14 year old girl shot in the head.

Now, I understand the snark factor here, and the solid emotional appeal of the statements made.

But there are some problems we need to address.

First, science doesn’t “do” anything. Science is a process, a method of building and testing theories. Personifying a measurement process is, to say the least, a religion in and of itself. So this isn’t a story about religion verses science, it’s a story about one religion against another — only one of the two religions involved is too afraid to call itself a religion, because it might lose the intellectual battle were it to engage on equal terms.

Second, to conflate all religions with one religion is a logical fallacy of the first rate. Maybe this atheist needs a new hobby, as well — learning a bit of logic.

Third, the appeal to emotion is, frankly, rather ironic. Isn’t the point of atheistic scientism that emotions are simply an evolutionary adaptation, along with our legs, arms, eyes, and morals? If so, then why all the emotion?

Fourth, shouldn’t atheists simply be disinterested observers, rather than trying to push the human race towards survival? Could it be that you believe that the very process you believe created us could make a mistake, and destroy us? Don’t you trust your evolutionary process to always produce what is better? If humans aren’t good enough to survive because of their “evolutionary emotional baggage,” then why are you trying to undo what nature has done? Should you really be trying to undo what your god (random chance), has done?

Fifth, isn’t your hatred of those you consider evolutionary throwbacks a little odd? Doesn’t it show that you’re nothing more than a bigot dressed in a lab coat? If you hate those who still believe in a real God because they are “evolutionary throwbacks,” then what stops you from hating those with different colored skin for the same reason?

So, in final, my reply is simple.

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