Adult Leadership Needed

I am voting for Mitt Romney.

While I have mostly avoided politics this silly season, other than things I specifically think relate to worldview, I want to put up one post on why I’m voting for Mitt Romney in just a couple of weeks. I could talk about the economy, but frankly I don’t think the economy is the job of the President. I could talk about education, but the only think the government needs to do in relation to education is get out. I could talk about abortion, but the single voice of the President doesn’t have much impact there (though the people he sweeps into office with him might very well have some impact on this legalized murder industry).

So with all these reasons off the table, what reason is there to vote for one candidate or another?

The simplest is that we need adult leadership about right now.

Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child, and your princes feast in the morning! -Ecclesiastes 10:16

Am I saying Mr. Obama is a child in a man’s body? Well, let’s look at the evidence.

He pitches temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. In fact, he goes farther than pitching temper tantrums —he supports large scale public temper tantrums, such as the so-called Occupy Wall Street protests. Who can call a protest serious when the only discernible messages are large scale destruction for the sake of destruction, and some screaming about “the 99%?” There is nothing that says, “child,” to my mind like a full on temper tantrum.

He builds himself up as some grandiose savior, replete with fake Greek columns. Children’s lives are filled with dreams of wearing capes, of being great, of capturing everyone’s attention. But we all hope our children grow out of such things, learning some humility in the face of others. Obama hasn’t ever learned that essential humility; he continues to believe in his childlike way that people should be picking up his cape because he’s the greatest super hero that ever lived.

He keeps bad company. When you’re a kid, it’s fun to be friends with the “bad boys.” There’s a bit of an edge in the rebellion. But every mother knows that keeping bad company leads to a stunted personality. And Mr. Obama has kept some pretty bad company in his life. He intentionally chose a well known and unapologetic communist as his mentor in early life. He intentionally chose communist and radical mentors in college. He intentionally chose a terrorist to bring him into politics. He intentionally chose and attended a church that represents the worst of “liberation theology,” for 20 years. He was married there, he spoke there, and his children were baptized there, so there’s no way he didn’t know what was said from that pulpit, or what that church believes.

He is manipulative. He admits in his own book that he manipulated the “white people” into liking him (his words, not mine).

So, is Mr. Obama an adult? Look through these and think about them. My answer is no, he’s not. He’s in the long line of “the cool,” boys who never grew up. He’s Che sucking on the biggest cigar he can find, he’s the Fonz without a heart, he’s a rock star who’s always gotten what he wanted just for standing in front a crowd and singing. He’s the little boy who throws a sheet across his shoulders, stares in the mirror, and thinks, “I’m great!” He’s the ultimate expression of feeling good about yourself, no matter the trail littered with broken hearts and broken lives behind you.

Skip the arguments over big government, abortion, schools, and all the rest. Just look at the man himself, and ask, “can I really vote for this bad boy, this child?”

My answer is clearly no.

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