Worldview Week 4: Christian Worldview

I’m going to be blogging through the worldview class I’m teaching for our homeschool coop through the next year in this series of posts. Each week I’ll post the class outline and notes.


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Thoughts From this Week’s Class

  • We reviewed last week, and talked about relationships being the common element among the various ways in which we glorify God through our lives here on the Earth. This is important because it’s going to serve as a major differentiator when we start examining other worldviews for their moral foundation and impact on economics and government.
  • We discussed the solution to the sin problem, covering several different Christian views of how God resolved this issue. The main point to remember here is that all Christians believe God solved this problem, rather than us.
  • We discussed the end of all things in a universal sense, with a focus on the creation of a new heavens and a new Earth.
  • We discussed the end of all things in a personal sense, with a short examination of different Christian beliefs in this area.
  • We discussed the basis for morality in the Christian worldview, which is the character (attributes) of God, and our relationship with him through those attributes. Again, this becomes very important when considering other worldviews.
  • We considered why we’re not covering Judaism in this class —because Biblical Judaism is very close to Christianity in its worldview. There are many branches of Judaism (like Christianity) which are not close to their Biblical foundations, but these will generally end up falling under some other worldview.

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