Some Unintended Consequences of Messing with “Family”

Are children and marriage really related? Not if you listen to the modern take on homosexual marriage, three parent children, three person marriages, and even incestuous relationships. But what happens when couple who can’t have children decide to have children? In the normal, sane, world, there is adoption. But this isn’t enough for some people. How do we solve this?

Some folks think they have the answer.

One expert opined that it was time to create a breeding class of women to provide children for men who want them. Ironically, this witness’s analysis began with a complaint about the history of the nineteenth century, when a woman’s role was primarily seen as a bearer of children for men, while denied any legal right to custody of the children they bore. This expert—on the record—suggested that the cure for such prejudice is to provide women for men so women can bear children for them but be denied all parental rights. She argued that this would be liberating for women. The second expert provided a report and testimony in which she concluded that mothers provide no particular benefit for children, and children can develop just as well with no mother. -Public Discourse

Behold the ultimate end of evolutionary thought combined with the definition of marriage as “a group of people who love one another.” When we get there, will anyone remember where we meant to go?

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