Children for “Me!”

How many times have we heard those on the left say, “I’m doing this for the children!” From schools, which consume ever greater amounts of money while producing no greater results, to welfare, to healthcare rules that allow a “child” to stay on their parents health insurance until they’re actually adults, we constantly hear about how the children are our future, the children are the most important thing a society has, etc.

But then there’s this:

Nearly 100 years ago when Planned Parenthood was founded, birth control was illegal. And as a result, few women had the opportunity to finish school, and we really weren’t even expected to live much past the age of 50. But times have changed. Today, we’re mothers and we are teachers and scientists and accountants and members of the armed forces. –Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards (quoted from CNS)

When it comes to actual children, it seems “ME!” is more important.

In other words, children are a tool to be used when they provide leverage to get a particular program in place. And they’re an object to be destroyed when they get in the way of what I want.

Either way, children are objects to be used for my personal gain, either through political power or through self actualization. In the leftist, postmodern view of the world, children are about me. To illustrate the irony even farther:

Due to the Chicago Teachers Union Leadership’s choice to strike, Chicago Public Schools will have 147 Children First sites open on Wednesday, September 12. If you have no alternative options for childcare, visit here to sign up your child, or call 311. -Chicago Public Schools

Does no-one in Chicago understand the irony of naming an alternative to school, which is closed down because the teachers (who are members of a union that says it’s there to serve the children!) are on strike oblivious to the needs of the children?

How anyone can hold such contradictory beliefs in their head is hard to understand.

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