The Evolutionary Mindset

My daughter’s question: “Why is it all the people who want to take money from the rich to give to the poor are rich? Why don’t they just give all their own money?”

The answer is quite simple, in reality:

The left has not moved beyond seeing Obama as a racial symbol …it is of great psychological importance to American left-liberals to believe that their opponents are racist and they themselves are not. Their self-image as a moral elite revolves around the imputation of invidious racial attitudes to others. -WSJ

You’re probably scratching your head about now — racism? How does this relate? It’s just another point of so-called social justice from within the same evolutionary mindset.

The typical leftist thinking, the evolutionary mindset, goes something like this:

The human species is evolving from the lower to the higher. I am more intelligent, more caring, and more perceptive than the average person, so I must be what the human species is evolving towards.

I must be listened to in moral and ethical terms, because I am superior to others on the evolutionary scale.

I must be treated differently than the rest of humanity, because I am what humanity is evolving towards.

I must maintain my self-image as more intelligent, compassionate, and better than the race at large (and those who disagree with me specifically), at all costs.

Keep this worldview chain in mind, and you’ll be able to more easily understand most everything the left does and says.

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