Worldview Week 1: What is Worldview

I’m going to be blogging through the worldview class I’m teaching for our homeschool coop through the next year in this series of posts. Each week I’ll post the class outline and notes.


Thoughts From this Week’s Class

  • The “worldview questions” are all related to the three important things in your life — the world, relationships, and “me.” The chart below is similar to the one on the board from class, showing how these each of these areas intersect with the past, present, and future.
  • If all we are is genetics and chemical reactions, then why do we celebrate when people overcome barriers? For instance, what’s the point of an Olympic medal for being the fastest swimmer in the world if it’s just a matter of genetics and nothing more? Or what’s the point of a medal for bravery if it’s not something the “brave person” can help? Believing genetics are the foundation of all personality robs us of any celebration in art, music, history, sports, etc.
  • “Why” is really a two part question — why as in the physical properties and origin of everything, and why as in the intent of everything. We need to be aware that we’re asking both of these questions, not just one, and make certain to think through the answers for both of them, not just one.
  • Contention is something we should expect, especially in a world that places relationships above truth.

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