History 101: NAZI’s Weren’t “Right Wing”

Well, the Los Angeles Times is reporting this morning that the FBI had taken a look at him, but found not enough evidence to open a full field investigation because of his links to these right-wing, neo-Nazi groups. So, essentially, there is nothing to block him from buying a gun. -Brian Ross, ABC News

Let’s review a little history.

NAZI stands for the National Socialist party. Socialism isn’t “right wing.”

The NAZIs strongly supported abortion. Abortion isn’t “right wing.”

The NAZIs forced Christian Churches to place swastikas above their pulpits in the place of crosses. Vilifying Christianity isn’t “right wing.”

The NAZI philosophy was based, at least in part (if not largely), on Darwinistic evolutionary theory. Again, not “right wing.”

The National Socialist Party, AKA NAZI party, was not a “right wing organization,” in any way, shape, or form. But in our post modern, post truth, world, those who do horrible things are automatically “right wing,” and those who do wonderful things are automatically “left wing.” In a worldview where the only value is “the win,” it’s easy to claim all victories as yours, and all failures as someone else’s problem.

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