Review: Hydrogen: Hope or Hype?

Hydrogen — Hope or Hype?
Lindsay Leveen


What are the dynamics behind green energy? This short book explores the issue from an engineering point of view. How much energy is there in a gallon of gasoline, verses in a gallon of liquid hydrogen? How much energy does it take to produce each one? How much raw material do we have to work with?

With such simple questions, Dr. Leveen fairly destroys the case for hydrogen as a usable source of energy, now or ever. Along the way, he fairly destroys the idea of purely battery driven cars, and many other green myths.

The author does propose some various ideas to reduce the usage of energy, or find alternate energy sources, in his book, but he does so from the stance of someone who fully accepts that the Earth is warming, and that people are responsible —and while this is important just to provide a set of facts environmentalists cannot argue with, in the debate over the environment (like the debate over evolution), the “other side” is all too willing to take such groundwork for an argument as acceptance that they are right, or rather agreement with their premise.

The author does a good job of making the complex ideas of energy transfer and stored energy easy to understand.

Well worth reading.

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