Can You End Racism Through Racism?

Racism, according to the Left, is rampant in the United States. If this is true (and I don’t think it is), how do we end it? Let’s think through two possible solutions.

What if we just stop talking about race, except when there’s a crime committed truly for racial reasons? What if we called crimes against Asians and whites “racially motivated” (when they really are) just as quickly as crimes against those with darker skin? What if we stopped rigging college admissions against people of one skin color just because college admissions were rigged against those people two generations ago? What if we demanded real evidence of intent, rather than just statistical disparity when accusing someone of being racist in their hiring? What if we called a preacher with a darker skin color a racist for saying racist things, rather than saying, “It’s okay, he’s one of the oppressed minority?”

What if we just ignored the problem, except when there’s real and solid evidence that someone is actually a racist —and when there is real and solid evidence, no matter the color of the skin of the person involved, we treat racism as it should be treated, called out and shunned?

On the other hand, we could trumpet from every rooftop how racist we all are. We could select people for entrance into college based on the color of their skin. We could prosecute people for running a company where the racial mix isn’t quite what the racial mix of the society at large is, or isn’t quite the same as a specific community. We could have special political campaigns and organizations for people of a specific skin color or heritage. We could build law systems around crimes committed against people of one of two or three skin colors, and make certain we never apply them to anyone else. And we could call anyone who objects to this regime of racial preferences racist.

Of the two systems, which do you think is more likely to actually end racism, or even to keep it under check? Which is more likely to highlight racial differences, and promote a race centered view of life?

The answer to racism, you see, all lies in your worldview.

To the left, racism is a given. It can’t be fixed, it can’t be reduced, it can’t be eliminated. Those who are in power are inherently racist (unless, of course, the oppressed minority is in power); there’s simply no way for them to ever not be racist. Those in the oppressed minority can never be racist, on the other hand. Since racism is a given which cannot be changed, the only logical solution to racism is building racism into society and law.

I reject this thinking.

No, people won’t ever be perfect. Christians know this better than any leftist utopian thinking on the planet. But lack of perfection isn’t an excuse to make unjust laws. Reflecting our personal imperfections in law is only going to make those imperfections more pronounced, not less. The path to the least racism is to have equal treatment before the law for all people —to have justice, rather than social justice.

You can’t end racism with racism.

(Of course, a number of people will say this is a racist post —which just goes to show how twisted our thinking has become. To call for an end to institutionalized racism of all forms is, in the leftist worldview, racist in and of itself.)

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