The Strange, Strange World of Obamacare

Okay, so let’s get this straight in our heads.

First, Obamacare was passed duly and legally, only that it wasn’t, really, passed duly and legally —it was passed in the wee hours of the morning after the entire bill had been replaced by an amendment no-one had actually read (probably not even those who had written the different pieces of the amendment —Pelosi said we must “pass the bill to see what’s in it”), and it was passed through a budget reconciliation maneuver, rather than as a normal law, even though it wasn’t a budget.

We are still told Obamacare is going to save us money by increasing the number of people who have insurance, by increasing the scope of coverage required by health insurance under the law, and by raising taxes. Of course, if you’re raising new revenue to cover costs, you’re already admitting that this entire process will cost more money, rather than saving it, but in the Lala land our Capitol has become, it’s normal to save money by spending more —especially when it’s not your money you’re spending.

Then it is ruled unConstitutional in it’s actual form, but modified from the bench of the Supreme Court to make it Constitutional. It was, in fact, modified to avoid Constitutional problems by a Chief Justice who changed his mind for some reason or another. Was he was pressured by the media, pressured by Mr. Obama, or simply taken in the Chicago way?

The most liberal among the liberals on the Court dissented from the opinion while agreeing with it, because they don’t like that Roberts brought in a Constitutional issue at all. If you’re going to change the law from the bench by calling a penalty a tax, then don’t bring up how penalties for not taking some action the government wants you to take are unConstitutional. At the same time, the Chief Justice lectures the American People that he can’t be held responsible for their electoral stupidity, seemingly forgetting that the American People didn’t want this law from the beginning. It was passed in the wee hours of the morning through legislative jujitsu, remember?

Don’t lecture me about my electoral stupidity over something I didn’t elect anyone to Congress to dream up and pass (illegally). Do your job and declare the law in accordance with the Constitution or not based on the way it’s written, rather than changing the law from the bench —which is unConstitutional in and of itself, and therefore illegal— in order to support the law you say we, the people, shouldn’t have passed in the first place (even tough we didn’t pass it!).

After the ruling, Mr. Obama’s people are out and about saying the penalty was declared Constitutional, when it clearly wasn’t, and that this isn’t a tax, it’s a penalty, even though the decision of the Supreme Court clearly says it’s a tax.

Nevermind that taxes can only originate in the House, according to the Constitution. Obamacare originated in the Senate, which isn’t allowed to levy taxes, only approve them, and the penalty was modified to a tax by the Supreme Court, which isn’t allowed to originate tax bills, either.

So what we have is a bill that was passed illegally, saves money by spending more, is ruled Constitutional without ruling it Constitutional, modified from the bench of the Supreme Court illegally by a Judge who bowed to political pressure (the same Chief Justice who is lecturing “we the people” for our electoral stupidity), with the ruling being taken as a grant of  sweeping new powers to the US Government against it’s own citizens.

Everyone okay with that?

Clearly something beyond simply passing a law is going on here. When there’s this much smoke, there must be a fire someplace or another.

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