The Emotion Card

We have lost the habit of counting to ten.

You don’t remember? I’m not surprised —counting to ten when you’re mad was recently raised in a forum on leadership as if it was a new and unique idea. “Get out of the situation for a minute or two. Take a walk. Count to ten.” It’s what my mother always told me to do when I was mad. Count, breath, and think before you speak, especially when you’re emotional.

But we’re no longer listening. We’re in total thrall to our emotions. For instance, what happens when a politician plays the race card? Here’s a political strategist explaining the process of playing the race card:

…she explained how to lure white voters to her side even while crying racism: “Don’t make the mistake of telling them they’re in the problem. It’s emotional connection, not rational connection that we need … Explain how each racial group is affected (recognize the unique pain of each group), but start with people who are White … then raise racial disparities.” -quoted by Big Government

There it is, explained as plain as day. The race card is the emotion card. The war on women, the war on bullies, the final plea from supporters of gay marriage —it’s always some variant of the emotion card.

Enough already. Learn to count to ten. Not just when you’re mad, but when someone says, “don’t you care…,” or saying you’re mean, or a bully, or bigoted. All of these are preludes to the playing of the emotion card, the final trump in the left’s political ammunition. They’ll try rational arguments first, of course, but these arguments will always be flawed enough that anyone who’s reasonably well informed will be able to shred them. When they’ve lost the intellectual battle, they’ll play the emotion card, either in the form of racism, sexism, or accusations of bullying.

Count to ten, and you’ll learn to recognize the emotion card for what it is, and learn to defend yourself, to bring the discussion back on topic. Or you’ll figure out that you should just walk away at this point. What often follows, if you don’t cave to the emotion card, is foul language and name calling.

Count to ten, think about it, and then make a rational choice. Don’t give in to the emotion card, no matter what form its in.

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