Yes, Julia, There is a Difference Between Freedom and Free Birth Control

A note to Julia: There really is a difference between freedom and free birth control.

You may have seen the new push by the Obama campaign built around a “composite woman” named “Julia.” If you haven’t, Human Events and the Washington Free Beacon have stories about the slide show put out by the Obama campaign (only I thought he wasn’t campaigning yet, because if he is, why isn’t he paying for his campaign stops already?).

Julia, whoever she is, apparently thinks freedom is getting whatever you want from the government. From the time she’s born, to the time she dies, she gets it all from the government. There’s no husband, because she’s married to the government. (Talk about polygamous relationships…) Julia is a liberal who runs around decrying those who define their lives by what they get from the local mall, all the while defining her life by what she gets from the government.

What’s the difference between freedom and free birth control?

Freedom means the freedom to fail. If you’re in a position where you can’t fail beyond failing to follow instructions, then you’re a slave.

Freedom means being able to control yourself. If you’re in a position where you rely on others to tell you how much salt you can eat, or how much money to give to charity, or how much house to buy, or where to live (because where you live impacts the environment), then you’re a slave.

Julia is just getting free birth control. Julia’s not free.

And Julia is the liberal vision for America.

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