Review: Discerning Truth

Discerning Truth
Dr. Jason Lisle

If you’ve ever wondered what the no true Scotsman fallacy is, this is the book for you. Even if you never have, it’s still a book you should put on your reading list. While Dr. Lisle subtitles his book Exposing Errors in Evolutionary Arguments, the real thrust of this little volume is exposing logical fallacies in general. He covers 9 different types of fallacies: reification, equivocation, begging the question, question begging with an epithet, complex questions, bifurcation, ad hominem attacks, the faulty appeal to authority, and the strawman fallacy. He also provides a short overview of various formal fallacies, which are simply faulty argument constructions, and some other not so common fallacies.

Most of these fallacies are discussed within the context of an example, rather than through a formal definition, making the text easier to follow. The four final chapters are actually just compiled examples of each type of fallacy which the reader can attempt to identify along with answers to determine how well your “fallacy meter,” is doing.

A very short book with a simple premise, but well executed, and well worth reading.

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