Christian Carnival #343

Bible SEO has a post on spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Gift is a special attribute given by the Holy Spirit to Every Member of the body of Christ according to God’s Grace for use within the context of the Body. -Lists of Spiritual Gifts: Discovering Your Gifts

Free Money Finance is having a discussion about the cost of Roman Citizenship —if you know how much it would have costs to become a Roman Citizen, you should scoot over and add to the comments.

Kevin Poulis presents – Mission Trips and Discipleship Training posted at

Chrysalis provides an overview of the Feasts of the Lord this week.

If you imagine the Tabernacle’s seven branched lamp stand, you notice that there are two groups of three lamps on either side of a central dividing lamp. The feasts are arranged similarly on the Hebrew calendar. There are three feasts in the spring (March and April) and three in the fall in (September and October). The seventh feast of Pentecost or “Weeks” falls in May between the two groups of feasts in the spring and fall. -Overview of the Feasts of the Lord

Personal Finance by the Book is discussing the twenty Christians who have changed our world.

We all dream of being financially solvent. Right? But deep inside we all know that there is more to life than relief from financial stress. I believe that all of us want our lives to count for something – to make a difference in the world we live in. Therefore, I am sharing this “honor roll” of Christians who, over the centuries, have done just that: change their world. Hopefully you will be inspired to do likewise. -Twenty Christians Who have Changed Our World

Bob MacDonald, over at Dust, is looking through Psalms 125-150, and considering the repetition of words as he builds his own translation.

The theme of harvest and its necessary preparation is also in the Psalter. Curious then that my root derivation algorithm (rightly so) does not distinguish arm זְרוֹעַ from seed זרע. Their common sound would easily be heard in the poem. Also related to this theme of harvest would be the plow – the severe difficulty of being prepared for praise. So that when we get there, we do not say – take me away and put me in the lowest place – for the wrong reasons. -One Last Summary from the Second Half of Book 5

à la mode de les Muses is thinking about the Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero that’s not yet been repaired.

My heart just broke when I read earlier this morning about the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s treatment towards the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America over getting the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church back on its feet. -The Church at Ground Zero

Crossroads is discussing changes from the inside out.

The is lurking about demanding its perfection in our lives. We cannot do it because we don’t have the heart to do it…in other words, a changed heart. We need conversion through Christ. This is precisely why every religion, including other forms of Christianity other than historical evangelical Christianity, misses the mark. -From the Inside Out

Science and Theology in Apposition has a review of “Crazy Love” up —I might have to go pick this one up (as if I have time to read any more than I do already!).

I confess, I rarely read any “popular” Christian books. If it’s a part of the Christian living section of the book store I generally turn up my nose. This is due to a number of factors. Most because these books are light on meat and heavy on feel good gospel. Or they are written for the average person who apparently doesn’t have much Bible training. -Crazy Love Book Review

Barry Wallace presents Fare-thee-well, little Green Tree Frog posted at who am i?.

Sacred Raisin Cakes has a post up on why men are more romantic than women.

Here are some of the data points that supported their hypotheses: men scored higher on measures of romanticism than women; more women initiated the breakup than men, and women who initiated the breakup in their previous relationship were the most likely to initiate the breakup in their current relationship; relationships in which women had higher measures of attachment than their male partners at the beginning of the relationship were more likely to succeed than relationships in which men had higher attachment scores; women were more likely to find problems in the relationship than men; women were more likely to describe the breakup as “gradual” while men were more likely to describe it as “abrupt”; men were more likely to feel depressed after a break up than women, while women were more likely to cope with rejection; couples who broke up were more likely to stay friends afterward if the breakup was initiated by the man. -Men are More Romantic than Women

Rely on God in Your Personal Development has a posting titled “Disorder in the Heads.”

The development of information technologies has changed the life of man. From all sides all kinds of information flow on person. Every day television, radio, the Internet brings something new to the human consciousness. Different facts from different areas are accumulating in his mind. -Disorder in the Mind

Danny presents Improving Seminary Education: What Students Can Do posted at Boston Bible Geeks.

Ridge Burns presents A Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation posted at Ridge’s Blog.

Rey Reynoso presents Teaching Kids Your Beliefs: Belief Spheres posted at The Bible Archive.

Jeremy Pierce presents Rant About Worship Songs posted at Parableman.

These last two I really liked —I’m in a bit of a rush this morning to get out the door, though, so I didn’t have time to go through and pull quotes from them. Overall, an interesting crop.


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