Review: Foundation for Living

nullFoundation for Living
Dr. Robert Dean
Dean Bible Ministries

This series is 14 hours on mp3, as taught at West Houston Bible Church by Dr. Dean —one of my favorite speakers on all topics Scriptural. The basic thesis of the series is to give a new believer in Christ a foundation on which to build a Christian life; essentially, to answer the question, “Now that I believe, what do I do?” Dr. Dean persuasively argues that we should move from faith to witnessing, or even serving, directly. There needs to be a time of learning first, a time to come to understand the Christian life, and what living the Christian life means in real terms.

He begins with the series with a question all Christians ask, “What do I do if I sin after becoming a Christian?” What is the impact of sin on the Christian life? How do we resolve sin? Can we expect perfection in our own lives, or the lives of others? The next two sessions cover the basic skills involved in living the Christian life. Dr. Dean digs deep into the meaning of “walking in the Spirit,” and how it relates to the Christian life, and then covers something he calls the “faith rest drill,” which is learning to rest in our faith in God through everyday circumstances.

Next Dr. Dean works through the volitional orientations in our lives. He begins with a session on orienting our lives to the grace of God, and then spends one session discussing orienting to truth. The next three sessions focus on Priestly prayer, within the context of the priesthood of the believer, and then he works through the promise and process of prayer in the 9th hour. He then works through the believer’s relationship to the Scriptures, focusing again on the role of the believer as a priests. The 12th session covers grace based giving, including a discussion of the tithe. The 13th session covers the ambassadorship of the believer, and the final session covers witnessing.

While this session is billed as being most useful for the new believer, I believe there are so few people who’ve heard this type of material put together in one place that it’s really useful for all believers. This is an excellent presentation of material every Christian should know, presented in a way that’s easy to consume and understand.

Highly recommended.

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