Christian Persecution Rising

One thing few people understand is that Antisemitism and persecution of fundamentalist Christians —those who believe the Bible is literally God’s Word— always go hand in hand.

Christians in Afghanistan are asking fellow believers around the world to pray for them, as tensions rise because of proposed legislation. Some members of the Afghan Parliament are calling for the death penalty for any Afghan who leaves Islam for Christianity. Reports say a list of foreigners and locals is being compiled who officials believe should be questioned. -OneNewsNow

The persecution isn’t always this direct, however. Often, it’s a more subtle attack on the beliefs of Christians.

The head of the Coptic Church in Egypt has rejected a court ruling that orders the church to allow divorced Copts to remarry in the church. In a press conference held on Tuesday June 8, Pope Shenouda [III], reading from the statement issued by the Holy Synod’s 91 Bishops, including himself, said: “The Coptic Church respects the law, but does not accept rulings which are against the Bible and against its religious freedom which is guaranteed by the Constitution.” He went on to say “the recent ruling is not acceptable to our conscience, and we cannot implement it.” He also said that marriage is a holy sacrament of a purely religious nature and not merely an “administrative act. -PJM

Here we have an Islamic government actually forcing the Christian church within that country to go against not only its own doctrine, but also the beliefs of the Muslim government itself. There is almost no way to see this as anything more than an attack on the Christian community within Egypt.

We should not only pray for these people, but also understand that when Christians attack Israel, or Jews at large, we are just setting ourselves up to be the next in line. Of course, as long as you don’t really believe in Christianity, you’re fine… It’s okay to believe in some sort of worldly wishy-washy collection of puff you call Christianity. Just don’t believe in the real thing.

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